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Cumming Out of Her Shell

It looks like little Maddy is learning how to loosen up. The last time we saw her she was shy in front of the camera, but now we can see her opening up and having fun. She grabs this stud by his big cock and gets to sucking. When it’s time to fuck, she spreads wide and coats his rod with her pussy cream. Maddy gets put in all kinds of positions, including the pile driver. She’s smiling and laughing and having a good time. She’s finally got the hang of cumming on-camera. And to top it off, she gets a nice, sloppy creampie which she squeezes out for you. Go Maddy!

Cumming Out of Her Shell Cumming Out of Her Shell

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Blondes Have More Cum

Yeehaw! Halle’s a sexy, little southern belle.
“People don’t believe me when I tell them I’m an assistant at the rodeo,” Halle, the nursing student from Tennessee, told us. “It’s just part of life where I’m from. The rodeo’s a cool place to meet guys, too. I like the dusty cowboy in Levi’s look, you know? Some of those older bull riders can make my panties drop instantly.”

Halle’s a real go-getter.
“School takes up most of my time. I just graduated fourth in my class from high school. A lot of my girlfriends were getting distracted with boys and their grades slipped. I just never got attached and moved from guy to guy. It was perfect. Monday through Friday I was a nerd, and on weekends I was a slut!”

Halle’s wildest sex story…
“The craziest and kinkiest place I’ve ever had sex was in the middle of a lake. The guy and I took a jet ski out, and we were having fun, and the vibrations were making my pussy really wet. I told him that, and he cut the engine. I pulled his cock out and started jerking him. Then I pulled my bathing suit to the side and slid on top of him. I was grinding like that for about 10 minutes before he came. I had his cum in me for the rest of the afternoon. It was great!”

 Blondes Have More Cum  Blondes Have More Cum

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Not a Talker

Guys, we’ll keep this brief because just like Tahnee Taylor, we understand what you want to see and we don’t want to stand in the way.

Tahnee is a MILF from our sister site She’s kind of quiet. For instance, when two studs start ripping off her clothing and finger fucking her wet pussy, she doesn’t make a peep–she just takes their big dongs into her mouth and begins to please them. Her mouth isn’t enough though, and soon they’re balls-deep into her sopping wet cunt. But they decide to up the ante, and Tahnee’s not going to stop them. Soon she’s got a big, hard cock buried in her asshole and her throat is getting slammed.

She’s not one to beg, but her studs could tell she really needed some cum, so they liberally douse her face with baby batter. What a MILF!

Not a Talker Not a Talker

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Nice Au Pair Of Tits

Okay, we’ve got to admit something. We got these pictures of Natalie from a guy who only identified himself as “her employer.” We jumped to the conclusion that she was the maid. Boy, were we wrong. We had to get in contact with Natalie because she looks so young, we didn’t want to break any laws by posting her pictures. When we finally got her phone number, we asked her if she’d lose her job as a maid if anybody found out that she took naked pictures.

“I’m not a maid,” she exclaimed wildly through a thick Columbian accent. “I’m an au pair! I assist the family and live with them while I’m in the United State and studying!”

Oops. Oh well. But how did she explain that her boss had naked pictures of her?

“He took them, why shouldn’t he have them? We’ve been having sex since the first week I arrived here. He said he couldn’t resist, but it was really me who couldn’t resist. He’s a very successful dentist. He drives a nice car. He also has a very large…you know. We’ve been enjoying each other very much. He took those photos when his wife was out of town with her friends. He says he will leave her one day for me. I cannot wait!”

Good luck with that, Natalie.

Nice Au Pair Of Tits Nice Au Pair Of Tits

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Caramel Cunny

Nobody can please Barbie like she can.
We featured Barbie in our Jan. ’12 issue. She was splaying her sweet pussy for a janitor back then, but she shared a little secret with us, nobody can make her cum like she does when she’s masturbating. “I love cock, don’t get me wrong,” she told us. “But I can’t have multiple orgasms with other people. It just feels too intense. When my parents are out of the house, and I can turn on my tunes, that’s when I lie back and explore my body. I’ve had up to a dozen orgasms in a row that way. It’s amazing.”

Barbie likes putting on a show.
“The closest I ever get to having multiple orgasms with somebody else is when I have them watch me masturbate. I love when a guy kneels over me and jerks off while I’m using my vibrator. I’ll always let him know when I’m getting close so I can feel his cum spray my tits right as I’m getting off.”

Barbie likes to keep it smooth.
“I don’t naturally grow any pubes, really. I only have to shave or get waxed once a month. It’s really convenient for me. I love the way silk panties rub up against my clitty when I walk. Sometimes, right after I’ve taken a hot shower and made sure my pussy is extra smooth, I’ll slide
the crotch of my silk thong right into my pussy lips and walk around downtown, feeling it massage my clit and get soaked by my hole. By the time I get home, I have to run to my bedroom and spend some time with my toys.”

Barbie’s fantasies are coming true.
“I don’t really have crazy ambitious or bizarre fantasies, just the usual. I had always wanted to have sex in public, which I recently did. I was out walking on the beach with my dog and ran into this guy playing a guitar by himself. We got to talking and he put his hand on my thigh. The next thing I knew I was bent over a picnic bench, and he was balls-deep in me.”

Caramel Cunny Caramel Cunny

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Lezzie Escape

Are you stuck inside? Has the weather turned frightful where you are? You could use a pick-me-up. How about two teenie, tiny girls going lezzie on each other next to a pool? They’re tanning, and what happens after the suntan lotion comes out is hotter than the sun.

Our amateur girl Sammy is getting a lesson in licking from Aubrey, an 18eighteen model. It’s always been Sammy’s dream to lick a tight, wet pussy, and we’ve made that dream come true! Watch her learn right before your eyes. She’s focusing on the clit, bringing Aubrey to an incredible orgasm. Then it’s Aubrey’s turn to return the favor, lapping up the juices from Sammy’s novice cunt!

That should warm you up, friend.

Lezzie Escape Lezzie Escape

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Hot for Teacher

Yeah, we know the setup is cheesy. You are a professor, and your young student is seducing you. There is a reason for that. Aubrey Star is a model for 18eighteen, our sister site. We’re working on a collaborative project and it involves Aubrey Star. It also involves delicious newbie Sammy Daniels, who we showed to you yesterday. It all goes down this weekend, so you’ll want to stay tuned for that!

Now, focusing on Aubrey. She’s nineteen, five foot three inches tall and weighs a scant hundred pounds. She describes herself as a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind. She says her ideal date would be a cute picnic on the beach followed by amazing and crazy fucking. She loves older men and eating pussy. She sounds like our kind of girl!

Hot for Teacher Hot for Teacher

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Getting Off On Their Day Off

It’s no surprise that Aubrey (the brunette) planned to skip with sweet little Sammy. She has the hots for Sammy’s pussy and was set on finally getting a taste. Of course it all starts with sunblock. There’s rubbing and touching and the next thing Sammy knows her tits are out and she’s kissing Aubrey. “I was really nervous at first,” Sammy said. “But Aubrey really helped me to relax. This was my first time ever being with a girl, and it was so nice. Aubrey’s lips were so soft (both pairs) and I loved squeezing her boobs.” And what did Aubrey have to say about it? “I loved how shy Sammy was. I felt like I really got her to come out of her shell. She tastes just as good as she looks.”

Getting Off On Their Day Off Getting Off On Their Day Off

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Lucky From Kentucky

Lives: Bardstown, Kentucky; Occupation: Medical biller; Age: 20; Born: Oct. 26; Ht: 4’11″; Wt: 84 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Only when I’m in love; BJs: Spitter; Diddle: Nope.

If you glossed right over the stats above, you might want to give it a more thorough read-through. See that? Sammy is less than a hundred pounds. She’s not even five feet tall. She’s what we porn professionals like to call a spinner–a girl so tiny that she can sit on your cock and spin around like a top.

She’s also from the great state of Kentucky. We don’t get too many girls from Kentucky, so we reached out to her and asked her a few questions. It turns out that she’s a horny, little fuck-toy who really, really wanted to try eating pussy for the first time. We decided to get the team from 18eighteen on-board for a collaborative lezzie fuckfest. They loved the idea and even had a girl in mind. Aubrey Star, who we’re going to show you tomorrow, is another tiny girl with a big sexual appetite. So stay tuned for some sensuous slit sucking this weekend. You’ll get to hear a Kentuckian moan!

Lucky From Kentucky Lucky From Kentucky

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Lezzie Swirl

A blonde and brunette definitely make for a delicious teen swirl. Aubrey is the more experienced one who makes the moves on blonde Sammy first. She goes right for Sammi’s perky tits then laps up her pretty, hairless twat. Aubrey licks her from behind and then has Sammy sit on her face. The girls finger each other’s slits, and then it’s Sammy’s turn to try licking pussy for the very first time. “Aubrey’s pussy was so delicious,” she told us after the scene. “I’m glad my first lezzie experience was with her!”

Lezzie Swirl Lezzie Swirl

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