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Better Than Her Sister

Kylie uses her sister’s phone to text a guy to come over. He’s surprised to find that it’s Kylie waiting for him under the covers and not his actual girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from sticking his cock in her mouth. We don’t blame him. Kylie is practically begging for it. And what guy hasn’t fantasized about his girlfriend’s sister? Kylie wants to suck cock better than her sister so she bobs her head up and down, taking this guy’s big dick as deep down her throat as she can. We don’t know how her sister fucks, but with Kylie’s tight, horny pussy we bet she gives her sister a run for her money.

Better Than Her Sister Better Than Her Sister

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Tanned Tease

“I don’t like too many tan lines and I like my tits to have a solid, caramel color. Plus, I love attention, and when I tan topless at the beach, I get plenty of it! It turns me on to see the guys drooling. I know the other girls are jealous that their boyfriends are staring at my tits and not paying any attention to them. Oh well, if they knew how to take care of their men, like I do, they wouldn’t have that problem. Don’t hate, bitches!”

“I love to watch guys squirm. When I see little drops of pre-cum oozing out of their dicks I know I’m doing a good job. But even though I’m a tease, I always deliver. After the guy is all worked up, I’ll relieve some of his stress by blowing his cock till it explodes.”

Tanned Tease Tanned Tease

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Slipping In

“One of my favorite things to do is sneak a guy into my room while my parents are home. It’s risky, but that’s one of the things I like about it. You get a rush knowing that you could be caught. I’ve been lucky so far though. And it’s hot trying to keep quiet while I’m getting fucked so my parents don’t hear. It’s also so much better to fuck in a bed instead of the backseat of a car! I always cum the most when I’m in my own bed.”

Slipping In Slipping In

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A Personal Thanks

Even though you guys have seen pictures of this beautiful girl before, things have changed for Adria. When we first spoke with her, she was a naive young girl who played golf on her high school team and liked fooling around with her friends and their boyfriends. Now she has taken our photos and put together a modeling portfolio for herself, using it to pursue a career in California. We normally try to only bring girls into our studio once because this is, after all, an amateur website focusing on newbies, but you guys asked for an update on Adria.

Adria, 18, was thrilled to hear from us, and she asked us to pass along this message to you guys. “I’m having the time of my life in Cali! I’ve met so many cool people, and I’m fucking a lot of them! My life is so perfect right now. Thank you for helping me out! Getting my photos and videos out there helped me get an agent, and now I can shoot (and fuck) pretty much anybody I want to.”

A Personal Thanks A Personal Thanks

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Valentine’s Day Surprise

“I couldn’t afford to buy my boyfriend anything much for Valentine’s Day, so he got to take these photos, instead,” said Taylor. “He downloaded them onto his iPhone so he can enjoy them when he goes away on business. Then I got the idea of sending them to a magazine, and after some asking around, one of my friends told me about NN. He doesn’t know I sent them in but it won’t bother him: I bet he’s showed guys the pics on his iPhone.”

Valentine's Day Surprise Valentine's Day Surprise

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Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

Do you like fucking girls or guys better, Missy?

“I like guys better for, like, all the time. But for every once in a while, I like girls. They kiss better and eat pussy better. Girls make me cum harder.”

Do you like anal?

“I’ll try anything once if it feels good. I like it when guys lick my ass, so a hard dick in there sounds hot!”

Was this the first threesome you’ve ever done, Alexa?

“I’d never even been with a chick before. Kissing Missy and her hands all over my body was fucking hot! I loved it. And I got into it, too. I ate Missy out and was finger-fucking her so hard that she came on my tongue. It tasted just like my fingers do when I lick them after I finger myself. I just kept licking all her girl goo up.”

Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

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When You Gotta Go

Lexy has to pee and can’t hold it anymore, so she pulls down her pants, uses her toned legs to squat and unleashes a healthy stream of piss onto a garage floor. She feels so much better having emptied her bladder that she decides to rub one out. Lexy tweaks her tiny nipples and massages her flat chest to get the party started. Her clit puffs up between her fuzzy pussy lips as she strokes it. The diddling and flicking gets more intense until Lexy’s pussy is completely soaked again, this time from her juicy teen cum.

When You Gotta Go When You Gotta Go

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From Religious School to this…

Maci, 23, told us that her parents wouldn’t be too thrilled to learn their little princess is spreading her pink cunt on-camera for you pussy hounds. Why not? Well, besides the obvious, Maci had a strict upbringing. “I went to a private Christian high school. It was very regimented with an emphasis on religion. I grew up learning that porn was pretty much the worst thing in the world. Then I got to college and my entire world view shifted.”

Maci was born on April 15th, currently lives in Orlando, Florida, and graduated with her bachelor’s degree last year. She wears a 34B-cup bra, stands 5’4″ tall, and weighs 130 pounds.

“I was a good girl back in high school, and most of my hobbies were nerdy. I didn’t go out and party. Instead, I ran track and field, played flute, and rode my bike everywhere. I only started getting sexual in my freshman year of college. I was 18 and had just discovered BDSM. I was eager to explore everything. I decided to let a guy who I had just met online fuck me. I went over to his house and he firecupped me (which left a tiny scar on my inner thigh) and then he decided to fuck me right in front of his fireplace. His dick was enormous and felt so good in my tight virgin pussy. I must have cum at least three times, and after we were finished screwing, he face fucked me and I got to suck a cock for the first time. He came in my throat. That’s one experience I’ll never forget!”

From Religious School to this... From Religious School to this...

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Toned Tinkler

Have you ever peed where you weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I love peeing in places other than a bathroom. I love to pop a squat outside. It feels so natural. One time I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was fun!” See it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers.

What’s the thrill you get from peeing in unusual places?
“I like the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of someone seeing me. I’m a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I like to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it’s more convenient to drop your panties and go when you need to. Guys have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t girls have it too?”

Toned Tinkler Toned Tinkler

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MILF Monday

“There’s that old line about a gal being a lady in the boardroom and a slut in the bedroom. Well, that totally fits me,” said Chanel. “I’m all business-like and proper at work, and a big-time cougar in my own time. I go out looking to get laid, especially by younger guys. I want a guy who gets rock hard, not just kinda hard like most guys my age do. And I don’t want a guy who has to rely on a damned pill to do it for him; I want to know and see that it’s me that’s getting him hard. I love working out, and fucking a young guy gives me a really good workout,” Chanel said. “If I’m not sweating while we’re fucking, then something’s wrong, especially if the guy and I are doing it in some unusual positions. I like to try really unusual ways of getting my pussy stuffed to see if it’s even possible, but the only way I’ll do it again is if it feels really good. Anal sex? Hell yeah! I’ve found that not many young guys have done it, but once I show them how, they’re hooked.”

MILF Monday MILF Monday

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