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Dream Pussy

Piper has many attractive features.
This brace-face teen is cute from head to toe, but the part of her we like the most is definitely her pussy. Just look at it! It’s perfectly hairless and looks so soft. Her outer lips puff up into a clam when she’s standing straight up. And when she spreads her legs, her delicate clit and small inner labia form a delicious, tight slit perfect for munching on.

Have you been told you have a nice pussy?
“Yes, guys have said that to me before. They tell me I have a pretty pussy. And I guess they like the way it tastes too because they always stick their tongues deep in my hole, which really drives me nuts and makes me grind on their faces.”

You have a nice butt, too. Are you into anal?
“I’ve only had it licked, and that felt nice. I guess I’ve been a little scared to stick something in there, but I’d be open to it in the future. My friend told me you get the best orgasms from anal play, and I am all about having awesome orgasms!”

Dream Pussy Dream Pussy

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Sweet tooth

Emma has a sweet tooth and orders a sugary drink whenever she visits her local coffee shop. But what she really wants is to get a taste of the barista’s sweet cum. He puts whipped cream on his cock to tempt Emma; not that he needs to–she’s happy to blow him, cream or no cream. He looks almost ready to blow as Emma sucks him on her knees, but she wants to get her pussy serviced before swallowing his load. They get on the couch for a steamy fuck, alternating between slow and hot to fast and hard. After sliding in and out of her tight pussy as she’s lying sideways, the barista gives Emma the cream she’s been craving.

Sweet tooth Sweet tooth

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Craving Cream

“I sort of have a fetish for barista guys. I don’t know why, but I think they look so cute in their hats while they make drinks. I always flirt with them and leave a tip. One time I slipped a barista my number, and he texted me right away, asking if I wanted to hang out once the store closed. So I came back, and we totally fucked on the couch. I didn’t even get his name till after we were done having sex. Now he always gives me free drinks.”

Craving Cream Craving Cream

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There’s no denying that Megan is sexy!
That face, that body, that butthole…damn! Imagine being the one to pull down her pink sheer panties in these photos, slowly revealing her supple asscheeks and tight, little starfish. Heaven has never been so close. “When a guy pulls my panties down, I like to perk up my butt to let him know that I’m horny.”

We love your small chest, Megan.
“I think they suit my body, but sometimes I do feel a little insecure about them. Big tits are just so sexy. Of course guys are always quick to tell me that my chest is fine the way it is and reassure me by sucking on my nipples, so I guess I believe them. But I’d say my best asset is my ass. It’s nice and round and firm.”

Everything about you is pretty, even your pussy.
“Thanks. I think my pussy is pretty, too. A lot of the time I’ll sit in front of the mirror and look at it closely. I like to play with my lips and try to imagine what it’s like to be a guy about to lick it.”

FlattyLicious FlattyLicious

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Getting Ready To Cum

There’s nothing like watching a girl get ready in the privacy of her own room. In this scene, we get to peek in on Avalon as she brushes her hair and teeth and changes her clothes for school. Since she’s already naked she takes a little break from getting ready to finger her pussy. She slides her two middle fingers in and fucks herself, imagining her digits are really a cock thrusting into her. Then she pulls her fingers out to rub her clit, fantasizing there’s a tongue there instead. But don’t feel too bad for her…although she’s on her own in this scene, she certainly doesn’t have any trouble getting cock.

Getting Ready To Cum Getting Ready To Cum

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Morning Ritual

Is masturbating part of your morning ritual?
“On most days it is. I even like to wake up 30 minutes earlier than I need to just so I can rub one out. For whatever reason I’m always really horny in the morning. I would love to have morning sex if I lived on my own.”

Have you ever had morning sex before?
“Sadly, no. I live with my parents and there’s no way they’d let a guy sleepover, and they wouldn’t let me sleep at a guy’s place either. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to wake up with a guy spooning me and his hard-on poking my butt. I’d probably be so turned on that he could just slip it in right then and there. Not to mention, spooning is one of my favorite positions to have sex. I feel really tight in that position, probably because my legs are closed. And my pussy juice gets spread all over the place. When I start off spooning the sex is always good.”

Do you ever have wet dreams?
“Oh my god, yes! Not all the time, but when I do I totally soak my sheets. It always happens after I have a sex dream. One time it was so embarrassing because I had a wet dream while spending the night at my friend’s house. When I woke up the sheets were so wet. I was mortified. And it happened because I have the biggest crush on her older brother. I even fell asleep with my hand on my pussy, thinking about him. Luckily I was able to dump the sheets in the laundry without anyone really questioning it. If that ever happens again, hopefully it’s in her brother’s bed!”

Morning Ritual Morning Ritual

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Precocious Pussy

For a teen girl, Mary is very in tune with her pussy.
As experts in the field of teen sex, we know that our girls love to fuck. But being as they’re so new to sex, they don’t always know how to maximize their pleasure. It does take experience to learn what your own personal cum combination is. Mary is an anomaly in that she already knows how to diddle her skittle to cream on her fingers or all over a cock. “I started masturbating early, so maybe that’s why I already know what I like and how to cum. Or maybe I just have a really sensitive pussy.”

Do you always have an orgasm during sex?
“Yes, I’ll usually have at least two. The only times I don’t cum are if the guy and I don’t have chemistry. Also, I can cum in just about every position, and I have both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. My only limitation is that I can only cum from going slow. Getting fucked hard is fun, but I can’t orgasm from it.”

What is the most orgasms you’ve had?
“There was this one guy I was really into, and once when we had sex I came at least 10 times. I had to stop soon after that 10th one because my pussy was getting sore. But the sex was so good that I swear I was wet for days after it happened.”

Precocious Pussy Precocious Pussy

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Uber Flattie

In March ’15 you told us how a security guard got hard for your flat chest. Have you turned anyone else on with your itty bitties?
“This one guy I had sex with was all about my flat chest. He couldn’t keep his hands or mouth off my boobs, and he even rubbed the tip of his cock on my nipples. I swear, his dick was the hardest I’ve ever seen or felt, so he must’ve been super turned on! And he really fucked me hard, too. I was sore for days afterwards. He blew the biggest load of jizz all over my tits, too.”

How did that make you feel?
“Um, awesome! Who doesn’t like it when a guy is super attracted to them? He kept telling me how much he liked my body. I got wet just from him sucking on my tits. And the sex was amazing, so no complaints here. His cock wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, but he still rocked my world and made me leave a wet spot on his sheets. If you know any other flattie lovers, send them my way!”

Uber Flattie Uber Flattie

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Hitchin’ A Ride

Here’s a classic video from Stranded Teens starring Lexi. This guy hits the jackpot when he picks her up off the side of the road. She starts undressing almost immediately–revealing her perky, little titties and perfect slit–and gives him road head to repay him for his kindness. They engage in a steamy oral session, and although the car is pulled over, Lexi is still going for a ride. She bounces up and down on his cock on the side of a dirt road. This scene is a must-see for lovers of voyeuristic outdoor sex. Let us know if you’d like to see more classic 18eighteen videos like this one!

Hitchin' A Ride Hitchin' A Ride

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Tiny All Over

There are a lot of challenges that come with being only 4’9″. Dolly can’t reach the cupboards or the shower head, and she had to learn to sew to tailor clothes to her small frame. Yet the biggest guy she’s been with was 6’5″. She might not be able to reach the top shelf, but she can reach the top of a huge cock! In this video Dolly shows us every inch of her tiny body, and we come to a discovery. The only thing that isn’t small about Dolly are her meaty pussy lips. They stick out and hang down–perfect for easy rubbing and sucking access. But don’t worry, once she spreads her lips her hole is as snug and vice-tight as they come.

Tiny All Over Tiny All Over

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