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Luscious Lips

Wow! You’re pint-sized, Loreen!

“I know! I love being tiny. Guys love it, too. I lost my virginity in my guy’s arms. It was so romantic when he swooped me up and held me there. My pussy was in overdrive and his cock was rock hard. It just kind of slipped right in. I was shocked at first because I thought losing your virginity was supposed to hurt. It just felt really good for me. He told me afterward that my entire body went limp when he entered me. I didn’t know that. I just relaxed and enjoyed the new sensation of sex while he held me.”

So, is that your favorite position, Loreen?

“Not really. It’s still romantic whenever we do it that way because it reminds me of that first time, but I really enjoy getting fucked hard from behind! Plus, it gives my boyfriend the opportunity to finger my ass a little while we’re having sex.”

Anal is on the table?

“Not yet. We’ve done everything we can do around the butt without actually having him stick it in. I’m really nervous about the pain because losing my virginity was so easy. I’ve never had sex pain, and I really don’t want to start. At the same time, it feels really good. One time we were going to try so I was rubbing my clit and fingering myself while he was rubbing the tip of his dick on my bumhole. It was incredible for me, but too much for him. He started cumming and his jizz went in my ass. That pushed me over the edge and we both came.”

Luscious Lips Luscious Lips

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Dirty Dishes

The next time your woman is doing the dishes, show her these pictures. Victoria Miller knows how to take a normal, everyday task and turn it into something sexy.

This 41-year-old MILF is just entering her sexual prime, helped out by her loving husband. “I told him that I was willing to have sex on-camera. I just meant that he could film us when we made love. He kind of took that opportunity and ran with it, calling you guys. I’m actually really nervous about having the world see me. But it’s nervousness in a good way. My pussy is just soaked right now.”

Dirty Dishes Dirty Dishes

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Audrinna Gives In

“Gawd, my boyfriend is such a pest,” Audrinna confided to us. “He wouldn’t leave me alone one afternoon. He was all like, ‘Hey baby, pose for me. I know you’ve done it before!’ I should have never shown him those pictures I sent in to you guys a couple of years back! Now he’s all over me all the time to strip for him and let him take photos. It’s exciting sometimes, though, and he knows it turns me on. He talks about all the members of NN jacking off to my pictures when I’m giving him blowjobs. It’s a turn-on to think about how many guys would fuck the ever-loving shit out of me if they had the chance. Anyway, enjoy these pictures. He and I both loved taking them!”

Audrinna Gives In Audrinna Gives In

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First-Time Jitters

Our camera guy asked Cosima what excited her most about her first boy-girl scene ever. She replied, “Thinking about getting fucked. And his big cock.” That’s the answer we were looking for!

Cosima is 5’8″ tall and weighs 147 pounds. Her tits are her favorite attributes on her body, and her favorite position is doggie-style.

You can tell that she’s nervous about her first scene by her mannerisms and the way she awkwardly takes off the stud’s pants. That doesn’t last long, though. As soon as his cock is out, she’s on it, slurping and sucking like a shopvac. It’s one of the most impressive first-time showings we’ve ever seen!

First-Time Jitters First-Time Jitters

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Tawny Tease

You don’t look like all the other girls from Minnesota!

“I pride myself on that, actually. I go tanning all the time and always have my hair done. My friends would all rather be at a hockey game than a salon. I can’t wait to move to California–that’s my big plan.”

What do you think you will find on the West Coast, Kennedy?

“Hot guys and good times! I know I shouldn’t delude myself and let my fantasies take over, but I really think I’ve got something special. All my friends tell me that! I just know that I’ll find myself a really hot guy with six-pack abs and a huge cock, and I’ll start making commercials and then move on to TV and then Hollywood movies. It’ll take a couple years, but I know I’ll get there.”

What are you looking forward to?

“Sex on the beach! I have this fantasy that I think about every time I play with my pussy. I’ll be with a group of people and laughing by a bonfire at night on the beach. Then I’ll sit on a random guy’s lap and start making out with him. Then my guy will come over, but instead of fighting he’ll just join in. Then we’re on the surf, with the waves lapping against us while I’m getting fucked really, really hard from behind and taking a big cock all the way down my throat. That’s usually the point where I cum and the fantasy ends.”

Tawny Tease Tawny Tease

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California Cutie gets Creampied

Cosima is a California girl, born and raised. She grew up going to the beach, having bonfires at night and teenage make-out sessions on the sand. Her laid back attitude and positive sexual vibes seem perfect for the world of porn because she’s not worried about drama or money, she’s just looking for a good-quality lay.

“I’ve dreamed about getting fucked on-camera for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy fucking, and the idea of doing it for a living is really exciting. I had to leave California in order to make it happen, though. I’m not the biggest fan of facials, creampies are so much more erotic, and California makes guys wear condoms. So, there was only one choice of where to shoot my first porn scene. Thanks, NaughtyMag!”

California Cutie gets Creampied California Cutie gets Creampied

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Slippery When Wet

“My pussy gets absolutely drenched when I’m turned on,” Malyca told us. Although she didn’t have to. This video is proof enough. “I love the taste of my pussy juice, too. It’s sweet and pungent and it makes my tongue all slippery when I lick it off of my fingers. I’ve had guys tell me that I’ve squirted before, but I think they were just feeling my natural lube. It builds up to the point that it just starts running down my thighs. I like it. I think it’s unique!”

Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet

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Hot ‘N’ Sticky

This Asian cutie treats us to some sexy talk in Mandarin before getting down to business. She says “Come lay down in bed with me and sleep” because she doesn’t know the Mandarin word for fuck. She’ll just have to show us then. After some fun cock sucking and pussy licking, the pounding begins. Layla’s pussy is so tight you can see her lips gripping this cock as it fucks her from behind. The position this guy puts her in at 10:12 is pretty hot. We don’t know exactly how to describe it, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. By the end of this fuckfest she’s as hot and sticky as her pussy, especially when she gets that load of cum all over her face!

Hot 'N' Sticky Hot 'N' Sticky

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Yoga to Relax

“I’ve been really into yoga lately,” Malyca told us. “It helps me get the little kinks out of my back. My guy knows absolutely nothing about it, but that didn’t stop him from giving me advice. He’s been trying to get me to get naked in front of his camera for a long time. I finally just gave in. I was already feeling nice and limber, so I wanted to give him a show. I guess my back wasn’t the only thing getting stretched that day!”

Yoga to Relax Yoga to Relax

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Her First Giant Cock

Layla looks like a sweet, little Asian, but she’s really a naughty slut. We paired her with one of our most-hung studs because she really wanted to try a monster cock. “I’ve never been with a guy who has a huge cock before,” she told us. “I’d really like to try it. The biggest guy I’ve ever been with was maybe like seven inches, and it wasn’t very thick. I think guys with big dicks are afraid to go after me because I’m so small that they think I can’t handle it.” Layla proves that isn’t the case. She handles this big prick like a pro!

Her First Giant Cock Her First Giant Cock

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