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Sadie Goes Pop

A tiny, flat teen and big hard cock. A porn love story. But we’re not talking about romantic love. We mean a love of hard, raw fucking. At least, as hard as you can go with Sadie and her super tight pussy. Even though JMac can barely fit his cock in her tunnel, Sadie likes it when he thrusts and pounds her. You can tell by the way she moans that she’s never had a cock this big before. It’s almost like she’s losing her virginity all over again. After her scene, Sadie told us, “I’m not a virgin, but he made me feel like one all over again!”

Sadie Goes Pop Sadie Goes Pop

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House Always Wins

Occupation: Casino worker
Age: 23
Born: May 30
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 102 pounds
Bras: 34C
Panties: Cheeksters or thongs
Anal: I like a finger sometimes
BJs: I spit
Masturbate: Yes

Maya is from the Philippines, but she also worked in some fancy casinos in Las Vegas. So, as a woman who lived and worked in Sin City, she probably has some crazy stories, right? “You’d be surprised,” she told us. “People go there to have crazy experiences, but unless you have tons of money, it’s hard to be a big roller. Still, I’ve had sex with random hotel guests, been treated to steak dinners, and been propositioned for a threesome with a guy and his wife.

“When I masturbate, I always watch homemade threesome porn. So it was very special when I fucked my boyfriend and my best friend for my 22nd birthday.”

House Always Wins House Always Wins

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Sexy Sadie

Sadie Pop is a bitty-boobed cutie with a naughty streak. Even though JMac’s cock is about half the size she is, she wants it inside her perfectly bald cunny so she can cum hard. Sadie gets fucked in the air and pounded till she screams. That’s why she smiles when her fresh face gets glazed with cum. “I’m not going to lie. It was hard getting his cock inside me! I’ve never had one that big and I almost didn’t think it would fit. But after a little bit I stretched out enough to take almost all of his cock in. But now my pussy has shrunk back up! I need more practice with big cocks.”

Sexy Sadie Sexy Sadie

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NOW She’s Shaving

Somebody here at fucked up. We were supposed to post this video of Kylie shaving her cunt last week. As some members pointed out, that didn’t happen. Instead, we posted a video of Kylie masturbating with a full bush. That’s not the worst thing in the world, but we know that some of you guys love the look of a freshly shaven clam.

Say goodbye to the pubes, gents. Kylie’s run as this month’s Bush Baby is coming to an end. Don’t worry! There are plenty more Bush Babies coming up in future postings. In the meantime, you’re just going to have to enjoy this video of Kylie shaving her hairy pussy until it’s gleaming and shiny, begging for a hard fuck and a deposit of jizz.

NOW She's Shaving NOW She's Shaving

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Just for you

Do you guys remember the 19-year-old cutie named Kallie? She fucked a guy for our site previously. Well, she’s back with some solo pics because we know that some of you guys prefer seeing naked chicks without dicks getting in the way.

Kallie works as a waitress in Florida. She wants to become a teacher. She played soccer and volleyball back in high school. She doesn’t usually wear panties, but when she does, she wears Victoria’s Secret thongs. She’s usually a swallower.

Kallie also told us that she likes to ride horses, and boy, we’d love her to ride us!

Just for you Just for you

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Welcome Cassie

Welcome Cassie! Are you as sweet as you look?
“First impressions are funny because people aren’t always what they seem. Like me, most people think I’m shy and sweet, even innocent, and that’s true to a certain degree, but I have the dirtiest mind ever. Even though I’ve only had sex a few times, I have fantasies of doing all kinds of kinky stuff. Sometimes sex is all I think about! It’s kind of an obsession, probably because I hardly ever get the chance to hook up. I’m too shy to make a move! Hopefully I’ll find a guy who can help me open up a little and test out my wild side. The first few times I’ve had sex were pretty good but I really want to try something a little crazy. I love masturbating but it’s just not the same!”

What’s your favorite fantasy?
“I keep thinking of the same scenario–an older guy pulls me into his office and fucks me from behind. It’s gentle and rough at the same time. I love the contrast of rough and soft!”

Cassie, you have an adorable beauty mark on your ass!
“Thanks! I used to be kind of embarrassed about it but the last guy I was with was obsessed with it! He kept kissing it over and over and said it was the best thing about my ass. It’s funny how imperfections can be such turn-ons. Perfection is boring anyway.”

Welcome Cassie Welcome Cassie

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Scoring with Staci

Lives: Cincinnati, Ohio; Born: May 15; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Any style that’s sexy; Anal: A finger is awesome; BJs: I love the salty taste; Diddle: I love my toys!

“The first time I had sex was kinda painful like it is for most girls I suppose, but I’ve loved it more every time since,” Staci said. “My boyfriend’s a few years older than me and he’s definitely more experienced at sex. He’s amazed and delighted that about the only thing I want to do every time we get together is to give him a blow job, have my pussy eaten out and then screw. We’ve missed out on lots of parties and other things because I tempted him into bed. He says that my sex drive is like a guy’s. He talked me into fucking a stud to feel what a big dick is like–and he’s a major voyeur who will get off on the photos a lot, I know.” Check out the video as well.

Scoring with Staci Scoring with Staci

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Kylie Shaves

Say goodbye to the pubes, gents. Kylie’s run as this month’s Bush Baby is coming to an end. Don’t worry! There are plenty more Bush Babies coming up in future postings. In the meantime, you’re just going to have to enjoy this video of Kylie shaving her hairy pussy until it’s gleaming and shiny, begging for a hard fuck and a deposit of jizz.

Kylie Shaves Kylie Shaves

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Bush Baby Day 2

We’re posting back-to-back sets of Kylie, the bush baby from Down Under! Plus, there’s a shaving video for all of you fans of smooth pussy.

“I love the look of a nice, hard cock,” Kylie told us. “I overhear guys talking about how ugly mens’ equipment is and I don’t get it. I find cocks beautiful and sensual.”

Whip them out, boys! Kylie likes it.

Bush Baby Day 2 Bush Baby Day 2

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Soaked Schoolgirl

Sometimes you just want to see a sweet little thing on her own. No cocks, no toys, nothing in the way of you and her fresh teen pussy. In this masturbation scene, it’s just you and Marissa. She strips off her schoolgirl uniform to show you her super-flat chest and meaty pussy. The camera gets right up in the action as she spreads her legs and strokes her clit. She works her two fingers inside her tight cunny and licks the juice off of them. But we don’t want to just see Marissa from the front, so she gets on her hands and knees to show us her ass. And it’s a meaty ass for such a petite teen. She continues to stroke and diddle away, enjoying her fingers but wishing she had a cock instead. She’s so tight her two little fingers are all she needs to cum hard, which she does while rubbing her near nonexistent tits and fantasizing about a hard prick inside her.

Soaked Schoolgirl Soaked Schoolgirl

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