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Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

As a special treat to you guys, we’re posting an entire full-length DVD to our site. We’re posting one scene every week until the entire flick is online and you can watch it any time you want.

This week we’ve got Sierra, a sexy teen who likes to keep secrets.

“Oh, my parents would be super pissed if they knew I was making a porno movie, but I don’t care. I’m too horny to abide by their stupid rules, and if that means fucking a guy on-camera and pissing them off, so be it. Plus, I kind of like being sneaky this way. It turns me on.”

Stay tuned for more Teens Next Door.

Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

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Bad Cheerleader

Megan is in need of a massage after a tough cheer practice. Her boy toy is happy to assist, but can’t help but let his hands wander all over her body. Megan is horny so she doesn’t mind. The massage escalates quickly to ass slapping and pussy eating. Megan isn’t just good at cheerleading, apparently she’s proficient at the art of sucking cock, too. She chokes down this guy’s meat with gusto, putting on a show while she fills the back of her throat. Despite just getting out of cheer practice, she has a lot of energy as she holds herself up and bounces on this guy’s stiff pole. In fact, there’s a lot of verve in her vag throughout the whole scene. It explains that big load she gets on her tongue!

Bad Cheerleader Bad Cheerleader

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POV Girlfriend

Step right into the action with Brooke, a horny, young bartender originally from Las Vegas who now resides in Florida. She wanted to put on a show, so she slides her tight jeans down and reveals her freshly-shaved cunt, just waiting to be finger-fucked. She’s not the biggest fan of panties, so those need to come off, too. “Who needs panties?” she asked. “I only wear them when I feel like giving guys a tease. I like stripping them off slowly.”

Brooke is a wild girl. We asked her what she would like to try most in life. She responded, “I’ve always wanted to fuck while skydiving.” That’s pretty wild.

POV Girlfriend POV Girlfriend

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Cheer Scent

“There’s nothing I love more than coming home from cheerleading practice and fooling around with my boyfriend. I like it when we’re both unshowered and have our natural scent going. He puts my panties on his face while I suck his cock, then he eats my pussy so he can enjoy the full flavor. Then we have hot, sweaty sex until my whole bedroom smells like pussy and cum!”

Cheer Scent Cheer Scent

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Perky & Pink

Sammy is perky up top and pink down below. Of course, we’re talking about her tits and her pussy, respectively.
Her small chest lends itself to her petite, slender frame. And being that she’s an adorable, fresh teeny, it’s no surprise that her cunny is a tight, glorious pink honeypot. Sammy is almost too sweet to be getting naked in front of a camera, but we’re glad she decided to listen to the devil on her shoulder. “People would definitely be shocked to find out I did this. I’m not a girl you would expect to be in porn. I dress very casual. I don’t party. I’m actually very shy when it comes to talking about sex. But I guess there’s a little naughty bit inside of me that wanted to be wild.”

Getting her to talk about her sex experiences was tough!
Sammy wasn’t kidding when she said she’s shy about sex. When we asked her about her kinkiest experience all she would do is giggle and cover her mouth with her hand. After her blushing subsided, we got a little bit out of her. “I don’t know if this is exactly kinky, but one time I had sex with a guy in a car in a parking lot. It was late at night, and the windows got all fogged up. He was older, like 35. The cops even showed up, but just flashed their lights and told us to leave.”

Sammy wants to know more about girls.
“One thing that got me interested in shooting was possibly being with a girl. I’m not very sexually experienced, so it would be a good way to have my first lezzie encounter. I love guys, but I’m curious about girls! And I think I’m too shy to make it happen in my personal life. I need a more experienced girl to show me the ropes. I’ve been bi-curious because I think that girls would be really good at going down on me. I guess I’ll see what happens! Getting naked for the camera has already gotten me to be a little more open and comfortable with my body. Who knows what’ll happen next!”

Perky & Pink Perky & Pink

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The Final Lost Video

Yeah, it’s kind of bittersweet. For the past few months, we’ve been bringing you guys the lost Micah videos. Unfortunately, we’ve now run out of these phenomenal solo clips. But we’re going out strong with this one.

Micah was busy studying when the sudden urge to masturbate overtook her. The only thing she could find was a yellow highlighter, but that did the trick in a pinch. She slips it inside of her juicy cunt and lets out a long, loud moan. She needs a finger in her ass in order to cum really hard, so she lets it go nice and deep.

This is the last video we have of Micah, but who knows what else we’ll find in the NaughtyMag vaults? Stay tuned.

The Final Lost Video The Final Lost Video

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Lives: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Occupation: Student; Age: 19; Born: June 5; Ht: 4’11″; Wt: 75 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Fullbacks; Anal: I like receiving anal play; BJs: I swallow if you’re tasty; Masturbate: I prefer sex!

We made sure to be extra careful while checking Piper’s identification because of how young she looks. “I’ve gotten that my whole life,” she told us via email. ”It’s because I’m so small and I have braces. I can’t help that I look young. It does help me get out of trouble, though! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in trouble, stopped by the police or something, and batted my eyes and given my best little-girl voice. That works really, really well.”

“But I’ll flirt with guys, too. I can tell that when I’m flirty or acting a little slutty to get a guy’s attention, he’ll be thinking to himself, ‘Wait, how old is this girl?’ It’s hilarious, especially because I’ve got a thing for exhibitionism. I’m a major flasher! I love showing off my titties in public. It’s so exciting! That’s probably why I’m submitting these photos to you guys. I get off on it. I had my fuck buddy take them in my dad’s garage while he was at work. I would have done it inside of the house, but my mom was in there. I don’t think she would have been happy with me spreading my pussy for a guy with a camera.”


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She Demands Dick

Alice is a 19-year-old beauty from Los Angeles, California. She’s 5’3″ tall and weighs 115 pounds. She’s got gray eyes, long brown hair and wears 32D-cup bras. Oh, we almost forgot the most important thing about Alice, she’s kind of slutty.

“I’ve kind of always known that I was going to do porn,” she told us. “It’s because I love fucking. I love everything about it. I love swallowing cum, I love getting my ass fingered, I love getting titty fucked and I adore dicks of all sizes and shapes. Sex pretty much rules my life. That’s why I called you guys.”

Speaking of that, we enjoyed our phone conversation with Alice. Most girls, when we finally convince them to fuck a guy on-camera, have a list of demands. But Alice only had one demand. We originally recommended that she shoot a solo set, but she said she wouldn’t shoot with us unless we gave her a dick to play with. That was the easiest decision we’ve had to make in a while.

She Demands Dick She Demands Dick

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Tiny Teenie

Watch out for Marissa!
She may look sweet and unassuming, but she’s coming for your cock! “I basically want to have as much sex as I can,” Marissa told us. “Now that I’m 18, nothing can stop me! I’ve always been super horny, and I’m dying to let my inner slut out. I’m tired of masturbating all the time. I mean, it feels great. But I’m ready to get fucked hard by some big ol’ dicks! I’ve had sex before, but it was kind of disappointing. The guys didn’t know how to work it or how to make me cum. You need to hook me up with some guys who know what they’re doing!” And that we did, but you’ll see more of that later on.

Marissa shaved just for us!
“I shaved my pussy for the first time ever just last night! Before that I had a big bush that was just too crazy. I knew that most girls shaved, but it was never too important for me to be bald down there. But since I was gonna be photographed I wanted to be nice and smooth. I have to say, being bald is so much better! Now I know why all the girls I’d see naked in the locker room would shave their pussies. It’s so soft and your lips and clit feel much more sensitive without all that hair in the way. It must be nicer for the guy when he goes down on you too. If shaving will get more guys to eat me out, then I’m all about it!”

Have you ever cum from having sex?
“Um, maybe? I’m not sure. I’ve talked about it with my friends, and they said if I came I would know it. So if I did cum it was nothing like how I cum when I masturbate. It would’ve been a weak cum. Which is why I really need to get fucked by someone good! I’d get so jealous at school overhearing other girls talk about getting fucked hard and having multiple orgasms. I was like, ‘Ugh, why can’t I have that?’ The first time I had sex I was so hyped, but it turned out to be super blah. The guy came in like two minutes, and then he fell asleep! From what I hear, older guys are better for lasting longer. This guy was my age and wasn’t too experienced. Then I had sex with another guy and it was okay, but nothing special. He ate me out for a long time which got me nice and wet, but his thingie was kind of small. I want to know what it’s like to have a big fat cock filling you up. And I really want to know what it’s like to cum with a cock inside of me!”

Tiny Teenie Tiny Teenie

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Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

As a special treat to you guys, we’re posting an entire full-length DVD online this month. We’re posting one scene every week until the entire flick is online and you can watch it any time you want.

This week we’ve got Casada Chase, who costars in this scene with her occasional fuck buddy. “After Shawn and I fucked that one day, we just kept on fucking. Someone saw us on webcam and asked us to do a movie. So, we said yes right away,” she told us. So you’ve got our SCORE Group recruiter to thank for securing this tight, little piece of ass.

She went on to tell us, “I have skills! [Laughs] I really practiced a lot with my toys when I was learning how to give blowies. Now I think I have no gag reflex. I can just suck a whole fattie right down my throat. And you know what? It turns me on to suck on a guy’s cock before we fuck. It’s like I’m getting it ready so it can slip right into my box.”

Stay tuned for more Teens Next Door.

Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

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