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The Miami Treatment

We get to know more about Lily at the start of this video. She’s originally from small-town Ohio where everyone knows everyone. She now lives in Colorado where she goes hiking and plays video games. She came to our studio to get the fucking she never could in Ohio. Once the pounding starts she looks amazed that a cock could be so big and fuck her so hard. Welcome to Miami, Lily!

We’re sure you’ll enjoy her pretty face and slender body as much as she enjoyed getting drilled by the biggest cock she’s ever seen.

The Miami Treatment The Miami Treatment

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Warning: Loud Cummer

Addison, from Nevada, visited South Florida with friends to enjoy the beach, bars and clubs. She talks about her sex life before getting off for the camera. Although she likes toys, she only needed her fingers to do the job this time.

Oh… when you watch the video, which is posting tomorrow, a word of caution: This girl is loud! Use headphones unless you are alone.

Warning: Loud Cummer Warning: Loud Cummer

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Sweet & Slutty

You never can tell.
These days even the sweetest, most-wholesome looking teen could be hiding a dirty little secret. In Lily’s case, she likes to fuck older men and giant cocks on-camera for the world to see. Guess it’s not so much of a secret then. “Just as long as my parents don’t find out!”

Lily, has anyone ever called you a slut?
“No. Not to my face, at least. And I don’t think I have that reputation in school. In fact, everyone thinks I’m more prude than I really am. But that’s because I don’t go for all the young, dumb guys in my school. So they think because I’m not into them that I don’t put out. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love to fuck, but I mostly prefer older men. While my friends are all drooling over the football captain, my panties are getting moist for the English teacher!”

Why did you decide to fuck for us?
“Because I wanted a guy with a big dick who knows how to pound pussy. I wanted to be drenched in cum. And I wanted to be able to watch it on video.”

Sweet & Slutty Sweet & Slutty

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Hope My Ex Sees This

“I posed on the tenth anniversary of my divorce,” said Katrina. “Do you want to know what’s kinky about that? My ex-husband took these photos! We still like each other and we get together for an anniversary fuck every year, even though he’s remarried. We were fantastic in bed–and still are–but we couldn’t live together. I guess I’ll get remarried some day, but I have no interest in being a mom, so I don’t feel any pressure to do it. I’m really happy being single. I have a bunch of single girlfriends and some married friends who I socialize with,” said Katrina. “But I have a couple of fuck buddies on the side–both in their late 20s–and I call one or the other up when I’m really horny and masturbating isn’t enough to satisfy me. We go out for a meal then go home and fuck all night long and I’m happy for another few weeks. I love giving BJs and trying new ways to fuck and I’m into anal, so the guys come a-running when they get my booty call.”

Hope My Ex Sees This Hope My Ex Sees This

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Yeah, We Like It

Lives: Castro Valley, California. Occupation: Student; Born: March 16; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 132 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: It feels really good; BJs: Swallow a bit; Diddle: Oh yeah!

“My boyfriend talked me into sending in the photos, but I didn’t think that girls with pubes would be wanted. There’s no way I’m ever gonna shave them off and be bare. My boyfriend is 25 and he’s got a big, fat cock. When we see each other–usually on weekends–he’s often the one who wants to go out and do stuff and I’m the one who wants to stay home and have sex…again and again. So we end up ordering in a lot. I live with my older sis and she doesn’t care if my guy stays over because she’s the one who introduced us. But I think she might give me grief if she finds out that I’m in a porn mag.”

Yeah, We Like It Yeah, We Like It

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Public Pickup

Like most teen sluts who’ve been kicked out of their homes, Nikki got around by hitchhiking. She’s used to guys giving her rides, and today is no exception. “These guys, they just came up to me and offered me a ride, so I told them okay. When we were in the car, one of the cute guys pulled out his dick. It was so big I started drooling!” Not one to let a mouthful of saliva go to waste, Nikki wrapped her hungry lips around the throbbing pole. “I got so hot giving him a blow job, I just knew we were going to fuck. Once he started pounding me with his piece of meat, it felt even better than I had imagined!”

Public Pickup Public Pickup

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Growth Spurt

Raven’s gone through a growth spurt and no longer fits into her bras or tops. Her cleavage is bursting out of her button-down shirt for school, and while the administrators might have a problem with it, we don’t mind at all. “What am I supposed to do with these?” Raven asks while rubbing her tits. She figures it out pretty quickly once she starts massaging and squeezing them. She doesn’t have any clothes to go to school, so she might as well just stay home and masturbate. Raven is a classic slim ‘n’ stacked teen. She shows off her amazing figure while rubbing her tight innie pussy and kneading her juicy tits.

Growth Spurt Growth Spurt

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Fun-Loving Slut

“I probably came across as a bit of a nerd in college, but the real me is a fun-loving, horny girl who will definitely sleep with a guy on a first date if he makes me laugh, treats me well and gets me hot. And I’ll make the first move to let him know that he’s gonna get lucky. I don’t wait for a second or third date to give a guy a blow job–or expect him to go down on me, either–but I do wait till we’ve had a few sex sessions and I know how good a lover he is before I’ll offer up my ass.”

Fun-Loving Slut Fun-Loving Slut

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Busting Out

Who doesn’t love a busty schoolgirl?
Yes, we know you love your flatties, but you have to admit that Raven’s tits look juicy popping out of her sensible button-down shirt. “I hate my school uniform because the bottons always pop and you can see my bra and cleavage. But I wouldn’t mind it so much if there were actually boys at my school.”

How do you dress in your everyday life?
“If I know older people are going to be around I dress conservative out of respect. But if I’m hanging out with my friends or going to a club I wear tight skirts, little shorts and low-cut tops. I want people to stare.”

Raven is an orgasmic teen exhibitionist.
One of Raven’s biggest fantasies is public sex. “I kind of had public sex. I hooked up with my ex behind a grocery store. I want to try more though!” Her favorite positions are side missionary and doggie and she loves oral sex. “If the guy licks and fucks my pussy right I have the potential to cum 12 or more times in a row.”

Busting Out Busting Out

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Fine Fanny

Stacy, you mentioned that you have a nice pussy…
“I think I do, and I’ve heard from several guys that my pussy is nice. Some girls are so insecure about their pussy that they won’t even let a guy go down on them, but I don’t have that problem at all. In fact, I’m disappointed if a guy doesn’t go down on me. Does it make me seem cocky to be confident in my cunny?”

We like that you are confident in your cunny. That means you like showing it off, and no one will complain about that!
“I just don’t want to sound like I’m bragging! But when a few guys and girls tell you that your pussy tastes and smells good, you tend to believe them. I think mine looks pretty too. I’m bisexual so I’ve gone down on my fair share of nice pussies, and it’s such a turn on to munch on a juicy peach like that. I’d love to have a pussy-eating slumber party where a few other girls and I just lay around in a daisy chain sucking on each other’s pussies.”

Fine Fanny Fine Fanny

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