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What Lies Beneath

We’re sure all the guys who went to school with Trillium wondered what she looked like under her clothes and how she played with herself until she came. Most of them probably never found out, but at least you can. Her body is curvy and milky-white, her tits are small and perky with pale nipples. Her pussy is shaved and her lips protrude just the perfect amount. You can tell that Trill is a clit girl by the way she diddles her button. And once the camera zooms in, you can see why. She’s got a big clit! “A big clit for big orgasms,” she told us. We may know the mysteries of her body now, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting more.

What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath

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Jocky Cummer

Did you play sports, Trill?
“I played soccer. Must explain why I love women’s legs and asses so much. There were so many hot girls on the team with great stems. I mostly like guys, but I still loved checking out the girls in their tiny, little shorts. I couldn’t stop staring whenever they had cameltoe.”

Did you ever fool around with any of the girls on your team?
“One of them ate my pussy and ass once in the shower after practice. She was a lesbian and had the hots for me for a while. Maybe it was my short hair–who knows? I was curious to see what it was like to hook up with a girl, so while I was in the shower I called her over and asked her to wash my back for me. Then I put her hand on my pussy and it was on.”

Did you like the way she ate you out?
“It was awesome, and that was the first time anyone ever ate my ass. It felt so good. She was dragging her tongue from the top of my clit all the way down my crack and making circles with her hot tongue around my asshole. I drenched her face, and it wasn’t with shower water.”

Jocky Cummer Jocky Cummer

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Study Her Cunny

Marissa, do you like to show off your body?
“Yes, more than ever. Before I was kind of shy because I’m so flat. I thought you needed to have big boobs to be hot, but I’ve been getting over that. Now I like to wear tube tops with no bra so that my little nips are poking out. And now that I finally shaved my pussy I’m not afraid to wear tiny shorts or really skimpy bikini bottoms to the beach. I’m getting in touch with my inner exhibitionist.”

Have you ever flashed anyone?
“Yes. I tried to play it off like it was an accident, but I totally did it on purpose. I was at a pool party and we were all getting rowdy. A girl and I were on two guys’ shoulders chicken fighting. I hoped that she would pull my top off, but that didn’t happen so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Eventually we fell in the water and I used that as an opportunity to undo my bikini top and bottom. The bottom was tied by strings at the side so I just pulled them loose. I got out of the pool and my whole bathing suit fell off and I stood there wet and totally naked.”

What was everyone’s reaction to your glorious, naked body?
“Their jaws dropped and one of the girls screamed, “Your bikini!” I looked down and started laughing and pretended like I was embarrassed. The truth was I got a thrill out of flashing everyone. I wished we could all get naked in the pool but everyone at the party was too much of a wuss. So I tied my bathing suit back on and got back in the water. Some guy was being all cuddly with me and I noticed he had a hard-on. We didn’t end up fucking, but the fact that I got him hard made the whole thing worth it.”

Study Her Cunny Study Her Cunny

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Whatta Bush!

Well, Satine, there is no doubt that you are a natural blonde!
“The sheets match the curtains! From what I’ve been told not many girls have a blonde bush. I figured if my pube color is a rarity, I might as well maximize that and grow it out fully. I know my big bush is not for everyone, but there are plenty of blokes who fancy it. They tell me that I have a golden cunny, and it’s funny because it’s true!”

Has anyone been shocked by your bush?
“One bloke was quite taken by surprise. Usually I warn them before, but I didn’t tell him anything because I wanted to see his reaction. After he got over the shock he really liked it. He told me my pubes converted him into a bush lover!”

Whatta Bush! Whatta Bush!

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Cheerleader Pussy

Aubrey is everything you want a cheerleader to be: sexy, naughty and horny. That’s why her pussy is one of the most coveted clams in class. It’s with this knowledge that she so confidently seduces this nerdy guy in detention. Eager to show off her cock-sucking skills, Aubrey puts her hands on this guy’s hips, urging him to thrust into her mouth. She bobs her head up and down, using her mouth like it’s a pussy. Then it’s time for her to use her pussy for real. She’s an energetic little fuck–must be all that cheerleading practice. After bouncing up and down, her legs get a break when this guy lays her on the table to pound her twat. No matter what her position is, her brow is furrowed in pleasure during their whole fuck session. And she finishes with a nice, creamy load in her mouth.

Cheerleader Pussy Cheerleader Pussy

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Nerd Fucker

“I have a thing for nerdy guys. It turns me on to seduce them because a lot of the time they aren’t used to getting pussy thrown at them, especially from a cheerleader. So even if I just touch their shoulder or something they get hard. And them wanting me so much makes me super horny. I love to suck their cocks and bring them to the brink of cumming, then ease off and finish the job with my pussy.”

Nerd Fucker Nerd Fucker

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Risque Ruski

Welcome back, Foxy. How’ve things been now that you’ve posed for us a few times?
“They have been good! I have been traveling through Europe for photo and video shoots, and I have been meeting all kinds of people and having lots of hot sex. I feel more sexually open now, and I have learned what men like and also what I like. And that is a man who knows when to be gentle and when to be rough. I don’t want too much of one or the other, but just the right mix. I also like to experiment and try new things. Too much of the same bores me. Most men seem to feel the same way, and they enjoy my adventurous nature.”

What have you experimented with lately?
“I have been having fun with ass play and anal. One day I was looking at my asshole in the mirror and thinking that it looks so pretty, it would be a shame not to use it during sex. This was a good decision because I have amazing orgasms from anal play.”

That’s hot! What other naughty things have you been getting into?
“I have also been in a few three-ways. I have been with a man and a woman and also with two men. When I’m with a man and a woman it’s more gentle, and the other woman and I are usually focused on making the man happy. When I’m with two men it’s rough and dirty. I love feeling like such a horny slut when I’m being fucked in my mouth and pussy at the same time. I would like to try a three-way with all girls, but we would definitely need a strap-on.”

Risque Ruski Risque Ruski

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Sextracurricular Activities

In this video, it might seem like Alex is bribing her teacher to give her an A by showing him her goods, but that’s only half the story. If the sight of her flat chest and juicy pussy is enough to sway him to change her grade, then great. But the truth is Alex just wants to get naked and cum in front of someone. And with a body like that, we can’t blame her for being an exhibitionist. She spreads her pussy juice all over her twat as she rubs it, leaving it glistening and aching for more. Her thrusting fingers give her the filled-up feeling she craves, but they don’t compare to a cock. Alex is okay with that, though. ‘Cause even though there’s no dick in her, she’s not cumming alone. She’s cumming with you, too.

Sextracurricular Activities Sextracurricular Activities

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Fresh Flattie

You are hot, Alex! Tell us some of your fantasies.
“One of the fantasies I keep having is about hooking up with a teacher, but not a male teacher. I want to eat a really sexy, voluptuous female teacher’s pussy. I imagine her being really dominant and pulling up her pencil skirt and tearing open her pantyhose and telling me to eat her pussy. She has a a fluffy but trimmed bush that tastes delicious.”

So are you bisexual?
“Yes. I love both men and women. I’ve had a few sexual encounters with girls, and I’ve really enjoyed those. One of my favorite times was with an ex-girlfriend who was into biting, spanking and hair-pulling. I liked that. She used a few toys on me, too.”

What kind of things turn you on? What makes your pussy wet?
“I’m an exhibitionist so I like to show off and be watched. I’m also kind of submissive and like to be told what to do. That’s why I think about my sexy teacher fantasy so much. There’s something about a big-titted woman with authority telling me exactly how to munch her carpet that turns me on so much. The same thing goes for men. A sexy older guy telling me exactly how to suck his cock and then demanding that I tell him how much I like him pounding my pussy makes me so freakin’ horny.”

Fresh Flattie Fresh Flattie

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Fresh Titter

Are you a horny girl, Emily?
“Duh! All girls are horny. Some of them just deny it. I’m open about the fact that I love to fuck and masturbate. I don’t know if I’m hornier than the average girl, but I am pretty damn horny!”

Do you ever have wet dreams?
“Chances are if I’m dreaming, it’s about sex. In the mornings I wake up with a sticky asshole because I’ve been having wet dreams all night. I get so wet that my juices drip down my crack into my butt. Since I’m already lubed, I’ll start the day off by masturbating with a finger in my asshole. I usually have to wash my sheets every day because they get soaked. I’m a very juicy girl.”

How often would you say you have sex?
“At least a couple of times a week. I have two or three guys on rotation. I like fucking each of them for different reasons. One guy gives the best head ever. The other one has a big dick. And the third guy makes me cum super hard.”

Fresh Titter Fresh Titter

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