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A Load On Her Braces

Natalie needs to do some research for a project, but once the TA has his lips locked around her nips and his hand in her panties it ain’t happening any time soon! This metal-mouth cutie doesn’t seem to be too worried about that when her tongue is tracing the length of his shaft. She strokes him and takes him as far down her throat as she can. Obviously those braces don’t get in the way of her cock-sucking skills. Natalie starts off this fuckfest by getting on all fours and taking it from behind. We see her pussy gripping his cock as it slides in and out. She moans and eggs him on to pound her harder and fill her deeper until she finally gets a load all over her tongue and braces.

A Load On Her Braces A Load On Her Braces

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Naughty Librarian

Occupation: Librarian; Age: 29; Born: May 20; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 111 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Still unsure; BJs: Spit or swallow; Diddle: Once a week.

“I am rapidly approaching my 30th birthday and I really don’t want to think of myself as boring any longer,” Karen from Manchester, England told us. “So I asked my man to take these photos. When the day arrived, I got off work early and got made up. I took a bath and made sure my legs were nice and shaved and my pubes were cropped. As soon as he walked through the door I presented him with the camera and took his cock in my mouth. I told him that I’d finish the job once he snapped a few shots. He told me afterwards this should be a regular greeting. I’m inclined to agree.”

Naughty Librarian Naughty Librarian

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Brace-Face Slut

“A lot of people think I’m so young and innocent because I have braces, but I’m not such a nice girl. I’m 18, and I just want to fuck all the time! I’m so tired of my braces, but the orthodontist says I need them for like another year. Some guys tell me my braces are cute, but I don’t care. I’m so over them! One thing I can say about them, though, is that I think they’ve helped me to give better blow jobs. I had to learn how to be really careful while sucking dick so my braces didn’t get in the way. I’m pretty good now, so I’ll probably be super good once my braces come off!”

Brace-Face Slut Brace-Face Slut

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Horny Mornings

Tysen’s living the dream.

The last time we saw Tysen was in our Feb. ’14 issue. She said she wanted to have an orgy. Did she do it? Well, kind of. “I was really close! I went to a house party and hooked up with this guy I’ve known forever. We went into a back room and it was really dark. It took me a second to realize that there were three or four other couples in there doing the nasty, too. It was really hot getting fucked while people were watching! The guy flipped me over and started screwing me doggie-style, which is my favorite, and I reached over and grabbed the tit of the girl next to me. She didn’t say anything.”

Did you push it any further?

“No, I was nervous. Plus, when I grabbed that girl’s boob it was like a dream come true. My pussy started gushing, and I couldn’t control my body. I ended up squirting all over the guy’s dick and shaking like a fish out of water! I got really self-conscious. Any time I’ve ever let loose like that I’m not sure what the guy will think. Some boys really dig it, but others are worried I peed on them. I mean, I squirted in front of an audience! We left after that. Luckily the guy I was with thought it was hot. It was a great experience. It made me want an orgy more. Next time I find myself in a situation like that–and I will–I’ll make sure to hold off on cumming so I can have even more sexy fun.”

So, when did this happen?

“It was only a week ago. I’ve been having these recurring dreams that I’m back in that dark room, getting banged, and a pussy and a dick appear in front of my face waiting to be licked and sucked. When I wake up my pussy is so wet I have to orgasm immediately.”

Horny Mornings Horny Mornings

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Hubby’s Watching!

Check out the delicious GILF Scarlet Andrews and her swinging hubby. She’s getting her makeup done in the SCORE studios, getting ready for some 21-year-old cock. Her husband is barely containing his raging boner. They’re swingers and this is their dream.

Scarlett begins the video by sharing some important facts: They live in a nudist colony almost entirely populated by swingers, so getting naked in front of the camera won’t be a problem for her; She’s never had much-younger cock; This is her dream and she’s happy her husband can watch.

Of course, this is all a warm-up for the real deal. Scarlet is masterful with big dicks. She sucks cock like a vacuum and can take a harder pounding than any woman half her age. She’s a real pleaser.

Hubby's Watching! Hubby's Watching!

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Swinging at 65

Scarlet’s married. She’s happily married. That’s why she really shouldn’t be fucking a 21-year-old on-camera. But, here she is, taking his big dick deep into her cunt and getting a sloppy creampie. Did we mention that her hubby is watching the whole thing? Don’t worry, though. He’s into it. “I like to fuck young guys and my husband likes to watch,” Scarlet told us. “It’s so much sexier having an illicit fuck when you’re putting on a show for someone.” Well, she definitely put on a show for us! So, what does this 65-year-old GILF like to do for fun?

“I like to fuck.”

Fair enough. We love it when a woman speaks her mind.

Swinging at 65 Swinging at 65

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She’s No Prude!

“My friends would be totally shocked to see me in a porno magazine,” Jerrica told us. “They’d be like, “Jerri, you’re the prude in the group!” They obviously don’t know me very well. It’s true that I don’t sleep with a guy until we’re a couple months into our relationship, but that’s because I’m still looking for mister perfect, not because I’m a prude! I’m very open about my body, as you can probably tell. Hopefully these photos will stay a secret between your readers and me. I don’t want my future hubby to find out!”

She's No Prude! She's No Prude!

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The After Shots

As promised, this video shows Kim Douglas shaving her legs, arms and twat. Some guys find the process of stripping down, lathering up and going smooth a huge turn on, so we asked Kim to walk us through the process. She talks a bit about whether or not guys like her bush, why she’s shaving it off and what it’s like to lose her mane. Plus, you get to see her big tits shining from the cream, her newly uncovered pussy lips and her smiling face! She might not be a Bush Baby any longer, but we love Kim just the same.

The After Shots The After Shots

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The Before Shots

We know some of you guys prefer your ladies to be fuzzy downstairs. Other guys like pussies to be nice and smooth. That’s why this month’s Bush Baby, the always-delightful Kim Douglas, is giving us the best of both worlds. Today we’re presenting her impressive bush in all of its glory. Tomorrow we are posting a video of her shaving her entire body.

Today’s photos show not only her hirsute twat but also her thighs, calves and arms. She certainly takes the “natural look” pretty far! But that’s what we love about our amateur women–they’re showing you things you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shaving video!

The Before Shots The Before Shots

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Party Girl Interview

Sometimes we just want to watch a beautiful amateur girl strip naked and finger-fuck herself. Other times, we want to talk to that girl and get to know her a little bit. Then we want her to strip and finger-fuck herself. That’s what happened with Amber Marie. She talks a little bit about what turns her on, what she likes to do on the weekends and how to get her in bed. Then she gets naked and shows us what positions make her cum.

Party Girl Interview Party Girl Interview

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