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Horny Little Squeaker

The first thing you’ll notice about Lucy is her squeaky, little voice. The second thing you’ll notice is how pink the inside of her pussy looks when she spreads her dark-purple lips. She sucks her mom’s boyfriend’s cock and then gives him a taste of her teen twat. It looks air-tight as he thrusts in and out of her pussy. She’s so tight she can barely take it in doggie, but manages to do it while giving us ample views of her perfect butthole. As her reward she gets a creamy spray on her sweet face.

Horny Little Squeaker Horny Little Squeaker

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No Less Extreme

Our extreme Bush Baby has decided to shear her cunnie-curls, and she’s making us grab front-row seats for the action!

Cheryl is wearing a purple bikini. She’s not taking a dip in the pool, but she’s definitely still going to get wet! She lathers up her cunt and drags a sharp razor along her pubic mound, revealing a clean path of silky smooth skin. Soon, she’s completely hairless and ready for a finger pounding!

No Less Extreme No Less Extreme

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Tiff Bannister’s Porn Stud Tryouts – Episode 4

Red Rocket wants his career in the porn industry to take off, but will he go down in flames?

Red showed up looking…red. The pale skinned ginger shot down to Miami a couple of days early and spent a little too long in the South Beach sun. Coming along with Red on this porn-stud journey was his best friend, Jerry, who came with him for moral support. Jerry’s got charisma to spare, so he’s the perfect counterpoint to Red, whose nervousness and inexperience show immediately. This episode is full of twists, turns and plenty of cringe-worthy moments.

Can Red Rocket’s porn-stud career take off? Will his buddy help coach him through the action? How will Tiff deal with the ginger-head man? Find out now!

Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts - Episode 4 Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts - Episode 4

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Lil’ Cowgirl

“Being on top is my favorite. I like being able to control the speed and my position. I always cum when I bring my pussy all the way to the top of the guy’s dick then all the way down to the base where I grind until it hits my sweet spot. I like it when the guy grabs my hips and slaps my ass while I’m riding his cock. And there’s something really hot about being able to look into each other’s eyes as we cum.”

Lil' Cowgirl Lil' Cowgirl

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Bikini Bod

You’ve got a hot little body, Jojo. We noticed that you have a thong tan line.
“Yes. I like to wear thongs to the beach to show off my little butt. I figured I might as well show off my body while it’s still tight. And you might have also noticed that I don’t really have tan lines around my boobs. That’s because I like to go topless whenever I can. It feels
good, and I love the looks I get.”

Your pussy is really nice too. Do you like to have it eaten?
“Of course. My favorite kind of guy is one who will lick me for a good 20 minutes. I’m also a fan of getting my ass eaten. Nothing gets me in the mood to fuck like a hot tongue being dragged from the top of my clit to the bottom of my asshole.”

Bikini Bod Bikini Bod

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Hairy Gaper

Remember Cheryl? We posted some pics of her a while back. We asked you guys if you wanted to see more of this impressively hairy girl. We wanted to know if she had gone too far. A couple of you guys commented (which we appreciate), and a couple of guys sent us emails. The consensus was that Cheryl is welcome here at NaughtyMag as long as she keeps spreading her pussy.

We love a hairy clam. We also love a nice, pink gaper. Cheryl’s got both, which is one of the reasons we like her so much. She’s also got a nice, creamy complexion and squeezable titties. She curses like a sailor, but she does it in a sweet way. Basically, Cheryl might just be our favorite bush baby…so far.

Hairy Gaper Hairy Gaper

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Fur Pie?

Are you guys hungry for a fur pie? Suzie’s got a hot and fresh one, and she’s just waiting for you to dive in! “I grew out my pubes about a year ago after me and my mates had a discussion about the last time we saw a girl without a bush. We realized that we’d all only seen shaved pussies, and that wasn’t a natural thing. We all said we’d go three months without shaving. We had a bush club! Eventually their boyfriends and hubbies all made them shave again, but I’m single, so I kept mine! I love it now.”

“I thought that I wouldn’t have as many guys offer to eat me out when I grew the bush, but the exact opposite is true. I’ve got a couple of casual hookups, and one of them never used to lick my pussy when I was shaved. As soon as I got a little stubble down there, he was grinding his goatee into my cunt like nobody’s business! He says that my pussy smells more like a pussy than he’s ever experienced. He says that shaved girls smell like soap and shampoo, not like a tasty cunnie.”

Fur Pie? Fur Pie?

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Carwash Suck & Fuck

This was supposed to be a two-couple deal with Jamie and Sunni having the whole “Fuck A Stud” experience with a couple of the guys. The girls were looking forward to screwing in the fresh air and watching each other in action. Unfortunately, the other stud had some unexpected “ignition problems,” so the photographer just went with Jamie and Jack. Sunni could only watch from the sidelines.

Jamie, 18, is a student from Richmond, Virginia. She’s 5’9″, weighs 145 pounds, wears 34B bras and usually goes commando. It was the first time she’d ever had sex outdoors or any place other than on a bed.

“I really wasn’t sure what to expect because I haven’t been with many guys,” Jamie said. “But I had an idea that screwing a stud like Jack was gonna feel a whole lot different and better than what I’d experienced. I was right about that! I sucked on Jack’s huge dick as best I could and then he licked me real good till I had a little orgasm. Then he started to do me slowly. Damn, he felt big in me! My poor little pussy got stretched and stretched, and it felt incredible! I guess that’s why I came again-a big, strong one-before we were done. I was enjoying it so much and was so into all the great sensations that I was disappointed when Jack finally gasped that he couldn’t last much longer and had to pull out of my pussy.

“I didn’t have a favorite way for screwing till I got together with Jack. But now I like being on top a whole lot, followed by getting it from behind while I’m on my side. Then comes regular doggie style. I hope I won’t be disappointed with the ‘regular’ guys I get to screw in future. I mean, I doubt that their dicks will be as big as Jack’s was and I don’t know if they’ll pay attention to me as much as he did. But now I know what’s possible, so I’m gonna ask for it, and I’ll know what ways feel the best to me. So I might just become a bossy bitch in bed who demands a lot from her lovers. But I know that I’ll be worth it, anyway, and I’ll only get better with experience.”

Carwash Suck & Fuck Carwash Suck & Fuck

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A Nerd Surprise

It’s been a while since we released the first Fuckin’ Nerds movie, but this scene with Veronica never gets old. She wraps her nerdy lips around this guy’s cock and gets him harder than calculus. She’s not that experienced, but being an academic type she’s a quick learner. She figures out the rhythm quick once she hops on this cock. Her perky titties bounce, she moans, squeals and talks dirty. Who woulda guessed this little nerd was really a slutty sexy kitten?

A Nerd Surprise A Nerd Surprise

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Dirty Girl

Ava is lying in bed, wearing sexy white lingerie, watching TV, when our videographer walks into her room.

“I’m a dirty girl,” she says. “I’ve been sitting at home masturbating all the time. I haven’t had time to clean. It’s the last thing on my mind.”

Ava tells us that she isn’t shy and asks, “Do you want to see what’s underneath?” What’s underneath are beautiful, firm D-cup breasts and a pussy that has thick lips and is shiny pink inside. We love Ava’s pussy because she doesn’t have to spread her lips for us to see pink. Her lips part naturally. She must have been fucked a lot.

“Do you want to watch me masturbate? Do you want me to start with my hands and then use my toy?”

Yes to both. She shoves a finger into her pussy, then licks it. Our videographer smartly asks her how it tastes.

“Like a peach,” she says.

We love fruit.

Dirty Girl Dirty Girl

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