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From Newbie to Booty

Do you guys remember Ryan Smiles? We featured her in August of 2013. Back then she was just an amateur from Gainesville, Florida, hoping to make a few extra bucks by sending in some pics to our site. We saw something special in her (it was her gigantic ass), so we sent her over to, our sister site. Before long, she was all over the site and in the magazines. She’s now a glamour model with an impressive career, but we’ll always remember her as the sweet, amateur girl with a love of fucking.

Anyway, we were reminiscing the other day and realized that you guys probably hadn’t seen any hardcore of this gorgeous girl. That couldn’t stand, so we grabbed this set of her taking a humongous cock in her tight slit just for you. She also gets her asshole fingered and her pussy pumped full of cum. Enjoy!

From Newbie to Booty From Newbie to Booty

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Show Off!

Jasmine wants her boyfriend to put down his camera. He won’t do it until she gives him a show. She loves showing off for him, so she politely obliges him by pinching her hard nipples and slowly tracing her hands down to her wet pussy. Then she slides a finger into herself, then two. It’s pretty clear early on in this video that Jasmine is horny as hell and she didn’t have to be convinced too hard to get off on-camera. Soon she’s laying face down with her ass in the air, pummeling her pussy with her fingers and cumming all over the place! We have a feeling that even after her guy put the camera down the action didn’t stop. We’ll have to ask them for another video submission.

Show Off! Show Off!

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Morning Wood

Ariana was expecting to find her brother in the bathroom, so imagine her surprise when instead it’s his big, hung friend who just happened to spend the night. He has a case of morning wood, and she wants to help him out. His cock is pretty big, so she uses her hands, along with plenty of spit, to help her mouth out. His wood is only getting harder, and she knows she needs to bring her pussy into the equation if she wants to get him off. Ariana’s got big, meaty folds that you can really suck on. Her brother’s friend’s cock slides right in and she’s moaning, and rubbing her clit in no time. She loves it when he slaps her ass and fucks her hard. And she loves it when he cums all over her tongue. Mission accomplished.

Morning Wood Morning Wood

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Nice Weather, Nice Body

Jasmine hates the rain. She’s more of a sunshine girl. That’s why she hated the past few weeks. “It’s been pouring every day. I hate it. Every time I think it’s going to be nice, the weather changes and I’m stuck inside with nothing to do. That’s why I jumped on the opportunity for an outdoors photo session with my guy the moment the weather turned good again. The sun was shining and it felt so good on my body. I just had to get naked and bask in the light. Of course he was there telling me to take just a little more off and get just a little more frisky. I loved it.”

Nice Weather, Nice Body Nice Weather, Nice Body

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Fucked Flaps

Ariana is a cutie from the Midwest with pretty green eyes, A-cup tits and some seriously meaty lips. A tasty snack like that can’t go to waste, so JMac tongues her twat and asshole, getting her primed for his big dick. Ariana takes him with ease, and we love the way her pussy grips his cock while she’s in reverse cowgirl. “I could feel him filling me up and stretching out my kitty,” Ariana said. “Doggie-style was the most intense. He was going so deep! I was eager to see how big his load was gonna be, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed!”

Fucked Flaps Fucked Flaps

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Locker Room Lust

Tell us where you are, Stacy!
“I’m in a locker room. I’ve had a lot of sex in locker rooms before, so this is a lot of fun for me. In fact, my first kiss and my first pussy-licking experience were in one.”

We need to hear more about that!
“Okay, well, we were all hot and sweaty from doing a mile run. I saw her checking out my butt in the group shower so I walked over and started talking to her. We waited until everybody left, and we made out under the shower head. It was the first time I ever felt anybody else’s pussy. It was so different and yet familiar.”

So, what did you do next?
“Since we had the locker room to ourselves she laid me down on the bench and ate my still-dripping-wet pussy until I came. It was incredible! She knew exactly how to flick my clit and finger me until I was weak in the knees. I was nervous about returning the favor, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I ended up having such a good time. Her pussy tasted so different than mine, but not in a bad way. She squirted, too. That made my pussy cream all over again. We kept hooking up until we graduated.”

Locker Room Lust Locker Room Lust

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The MILF, The Teacher & The Student

Last month we brought you a bonus from our sister site 18eighteen. It was a scene that we found particularly sexy and we knew we just had to show you guys. It showed Foxy Di, a naughty schoolgirl, getting fucked in front of her whole class. Well, her crafty teacher is up to some more shenanigans and we figured you might want to see what he’s up to.

Like a fucking genius, he wants to fuck his 18-year-old student and his sexy, older wife at the same time, so he crafts some sort of cockamamie story to get them both in bed. It works like a charm and before you can say, “Suck my cock”, they’re making out and…you know…sucking cock. It’s a great scene and we know you’ll enjoy it!

The MILF, The Teacher & The Student The MILF, The Teacher & The Student

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Irish Lass’ Ass

Lives: Belfast, Ireland; Occupation: Wannabe fashion model; Age: 19; Born: April 8; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 100 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Boy shorts; Anal: All the time; BJs: Swallow everything; Diddle: Yes.

We got these pictures of Doreen submitted by an amateur photographer in Belfast. He didn’t want us to publish his name because he normally shoots weddings and he doesn’t want to scare away clients. See, he told us that he was feeling really horny and put an ad up looking for aspiring fashion models. He wanted to fuck a hot, naive piece of ass. Doreen answered the ad and after a few minutes, a few bucks and a little convincing, she was stripped down and her pussy was gaping in front of his camera. What a fuckin’ hero!

“Doreen was a sweet girl,” our mystery photographer told us. “She only hesitated taking off her top. But I told her we were shooting very tasteful and artistic nudes for her modeling portfolio. Soon her panties were sliding up into her twat and she was fingering herself on my floor. It’s amazing what a little coaching can do to a woman in front of a camera. We had a brief romantic encounter after I took these shots. She kept urging me to finger her arse while she was riding my cock. Who would have thought this innocent, aspiring model could get so filthy? Ah, well, I suppose I did. Please enjoy her pics.”

Irish Lass' Ass Irish Lass' Ass

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No Name Needed

“What’s your name again?” our stud asks Giaoni before their scene starts. “Does it fucking matter?” she replies.

Not really. It’s inconsequential when there’s this much pussy licking, asshole fingering, cock sucking, hardcore fucking, dick riding and face blasting going on. You might not remember her name, which is pronounced like Johnny, but you’ll definitely remember this newbie’s skills in the sack.

No Name Needed No Name Needed

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Show Off

Tell us about yourself, Lila!
“There’s not much to tell. I’m your run-of-the-mill teenage girl. I have a higher than normal sex drive, I guess. That’s what led me here. I’ve always been pushing the boundaries when it comes to sex. In fact, my sex drive gets me in trouble. I wasn’t the most popular person in school, so I found a boyfriend who could distract me. If I wasn’t in the mood for class I would excuse myself and text him to meet me in the halls. I would suck his cock or let him fuck me in the bathroom. I’d get busted when I went back to homeroom because there’d be cum on my lips, or I’d get detention for not wearing panties. The teachers never knew what to do with me!”

It sounds like you’re a real wild-card, Lila. But you look so innocent!
“Yeah, that’s what gets me out of trouble! This one time I got busted for having anal sex on stage after classes were dismissed. I was hanging out in the drama room with my guy, and things started getting hot and heavy. I suggested that we get up on stage and pretend like we’re fucking for an audience. I was on my knees with his cock down my throat and his balls slapping my chin in a matter of minutes. Then I bent over a stage couch and invited him to fuck me any way he wanted. I felt his fingers slide in my ass and then the tip of his dick. It wasn’t long before he was pumping away like a mad man! It was a little painful at first, but I rubbed my twat and used that as lube for his shaft. Then, suddenly, the lights came on, and I saw the principal standing behind us!”

How much trouble were you in?
“That’s the funny part! Right when the lights turned on, I felt my guy blasting his balls deep into my asshole. It felt so good! Then, my boyfriend panicked and ran. He left me there! The principal turned around and let me get dressed. I gave him puppy-dog eyes and started to sniffle and cry. The guy felt so bad that I was abandoned by a teenage asshole that he told me he wasn’t going to tell anyone, and that I should have better judgement. I still had hot cum leaking out of my asshole and down my leg!”

 Show Off  Show Off

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