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Pussy At The Podium

We don’t know what kind of school Aubrey goes to, but apparently they are okay with her taking off her clothes during her graduation speech. Imagine how many times you had that fantasy in school, and now you get to see it come true with a smoking hot blonde like Aubrey. She’s giggly and tight and horny–just how you like your 18-year-olds. After finishing the run-through of her speech she plays with her pussy, stroking it and spreading her lips so you can see how pink and wet she is inside. She’s not much of a speech-giver, but she sure knows how to put on a pussy show.

Pussy At The Podium Pussy At The Podium

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Graduating to Cock

How was your high school experience?
“It was lame. I was too focused on studies and I didn’t have enough fun. I was valedictorian of my class, so you can imagine how much time I spent studying and doing homework. I was horny all the time but felt that I had to live up to my parents’ expectations of being a perfect student. After I graduated I decided that I was going to have fun, and boy, I sure made up for lost time. Now I’m finally getting some dick!”

Did you masturbate a lot?
“Oh, all the time! I thought something was wrong with me because of how much I masturbated. I didn’t realize that those feelings were normal. It would interfere with my studying. I’d have to take a break because I’d be so distracted, then I’d end up playing with my pussy for an hour and cumming really hard like three or four times.”

So how much sex are you having now?
“Not as much as I’d like, but still on a pretty regular basis–like once or twice a week. I’ve had sex with three guys now, and the most recent one has been the best. I’d fuck him every day if I could, but he’s a firefighter so he works a lot. The way he works my pussy with his tongue and his dick–I never knew it was possible to feel that much pleasure there.”

Graduating to Cock Graduating to Cock

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Dream Cunny

Do you like showing off your pussy, Mae?
“Yes! I think it’s hot. I mean, it’s the most intimate part of a girl’s body. When a guy is jacking off he thinks about the girl’s pussy. So I like to show mine off ’cause it turns guys on, and that turns me on. I like them thinking about fucking my cunt.”

Do you get a lot of compliments about your pussy?
“Yes. Usually guys will tell me that it’s tight and it tastes good. I’ve also been told that it’s pretty because I have really tiny pussy lips. What’s funny is that the first person who told me that was a girl. We were best friends, and sometimes we would get naked together to explore each other’s body parts. Her lips were more meaty, and she was surprised by how small mine were. She asked if she could touch my pussy, so I let her. She ended up eating me out.”

Did you like it when she ate you out?
“It was pretty hot. That was my first sexual encounter. And then I went down on her. I was intrigued by her big, meaty pussy lips. I liked playing with them, and she came so hard when I sucked on them and rubbed her clit at the same time.”

Dream Cunny Dream Cunny

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Show Me Your Tits!

Sometimes getting laid is as easy as asking. This guy asks Alex to show him her tits, and she’s more than happy to bust out her little flatties so he can suck and fondle them. Alex gets down on her knees and does what the big-titted pin-ups on the wall can’t: spit all over his cock and lick his shaft. Being so petite and tight, this guy has to push his dick in slowly past her labia before she can take it all the way in her pussy. But once his cock is in all the way to the hilt it’s easy sailing from there. Screwing her is definitely better than looking at a magazine!

Show Me Your Tits! Show Me Your Tits!

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Sultry Schoolgirl

Young, supple and ready to cum!
With her big eyes, long and wavy hair and full breasts, Olivia embodies sex appeal. As a Ukrainian studying abroad in the U.S., she was nearly overwhelmed with the amount of suitors she had at the time we shot her. “In Ukraine, I’m just a normal girl. Here in United States I get asked on dates all the time. I like the attention, but I am a little nervous to date.”

Why are you nervous? You shouldn’t be. You’re amazing!
“American culture is foreign to me. I do not know if I will have anything in common with the boys who ask me out. I don’t know many American movies or musicians. Sometimes they say jokes I don’t understand. The girl who is hosting me tells me not to worry about it, and that I do have something in common with them-sex! I’ve only been with one man, but I am open to being with more. Now that I am getting asked out a lot, I am more horny than ever. I touch myself every night thinking about which one of my guy friends would give me the most pleasure in bed. I don’t want to keep fantasizing; I want to find out for real!”

Has your host given you more advice?
“Well, she asked me if I had a bush, and I did not know what she meant. Then she explained that she meant pubic hair! She told me I should shave it all off because Americans prefer shaved pussy. So I did it, but I don’t know if I like it. I think I am going to grow my bush back. To me it is natural, and a man should still like me as I am. It is interesting to see what my pussy looks like bald, but I miss having my soft hair down there.”

Sultry Schoolgirl Sultry Schoolgirl

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Flat & Juicy

“It makes me feel good to know that a guy’s cock gets hard because of me…all of me. And that includes my tiny tits. I mean, I have a cute face and a nice body. The flat chest is part of the package, and most guys don’t seem to have a problem with that! Every guy I’ve had sex with has wanted to have sex with me again, so I must be doing something right. It might also have something to do with the fact that my pussy is always just a couple of cock-thrusts away from cumming. Guys really seem to like that, and so do I! Juicy pussy and a flat chest…that’s me!”

Flat & Juicy Flat & Juicy

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Cheering For Cum

Are you really a cheerleader?
“Yes, I was one in high school. I’m still pretty flexible and I’ll do splits and tumbling sometimes for fun. It seems to really impress the guys! And they’re even more impressed when I do a split on their cock and take it super deep in my pussy. That’s the real reason guys like cheerleaders. We know a bunch of dirty tricks and we can put our ankles behind our head. Guys love being able to fuck a girl who can bend into crazy positions.”

Tell us some cheer details.
“Some of the terms are funny. Facials are actually a thing in the cheerleading world. It means you can’t compete with a frown on your face. But it has a double meaning because all the girls on our team loved to get facials from guys. That’s something to smile about!”

Is it true cheerleaders are all sluts?
“Not all of them, but most of them! I know I was. We would always share our sex stories and try to out-do each other. We got off on how much guys admired us, and we’d intentionally dress slutty to make them drool and get hard.”

Cheering For Cum Cheering For Cum

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Figure Show

You’ve got a bangin’ body!
“Thanks! I played a lot of sports in high school so I think that helped to tone my body. I also run and do yoga to make sure I stay nice and tight and keep my figure.”

Do you like to dress sexy to show off your body?
“Usually I’m a casual kind of girl who just likes to wear jeans and a tank top. But if I’m going to a club or a party, I know how to dress to impress. My staple slutty outfits are teeny, tight skirts and midriff shirts. Gotta show off the legs and tummy! I know some of my feminist girlfriends would kill me for saying this, but I love it when guys look at me like wolves who want to devour me. That’s why I dress sexy! That perverted stuff turns me on so much. It’s nice and all when a guy is respectful, but sometimes you just want an aggressive guy to say some filthy shit in your ear about how bad he wants you.”

Do you always wear panties with your sexy outfits?
“I usually do, but there was a time or two that I didn’t. I guess it made me super horny because I ended up getting fingered by some guy on the dance floor of a crowded club. I was wearing a skirt with no panties, and we were bumping and grinding on each other. We started kissing, and then he slid his hand up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy. It was so hot and scandalous!”

Figure Show Figure Show

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Tight & Wet

There’s nothing like a cute teen getting wet on a hot summer day. We watch Liza as she emerges dripping wet from the pool then strips off her bikini to soap and caress her nubile body in the shower. She rubs her fuzzy little twat and we can see her pussyhole clench as she gets closer to an orgasm. There’s no cock in her tunnel, but she sure wishes there was one.

Tight & Wet Tight & Wet

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Little Dolly Fuckdoll

Lives: Portland, Oregon; Occupation: Self-employed; Age: 19; Born: May 25; Ht: 4’9″; Wt: 85 pounds; Bras: 28A; Panties: Cotton; Anal: I’m afraid; BJs: Swallowing is my favorite; Masturbate: Yes!

Hands down, Dolly is the smallest girl we’ve ever featured. At 4’9″, she’s barely tall enough to ride on roller coasters. “I can ride on cocks, though,” Dolly told us. “I just got past a little lezzie phase, too, so I’m ready for some dick! I still like licking pussy, and I always will, but I’ve been craving cock for so long! Women are great in bed. I lost my virginity to a girl, actually. It was at an all-girl sleepover. I let a brunette finger me and eat me out. I didn’t have sex with a boy until a year later.”

We asked Dolly if guys ever use silly pickup lines with her. “I’ve never actually had a guy give me a line. Most guys think I’m, like, super fucking young and think they’ll go to prison if they try to pick me up!” We figure that Dolly’s size affects all aspects of her life. “It’s inconvenient sometimes, but other times it’s great. Because I can wear juvenile sized clothing, I save a bunch of money. Plus, guys can lift me up and fuck me in the air. It’s really easy just to grab me and have your way.”

Little Dolly Fuckdoll Little Dolly Fuckdoll

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