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Ride a Cowgirl

“I’ve always been a cowgirl,” Bryce told us. “I mean, what the hell else are you going to be when you’re born in Montana and move to Wyoming? I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking and fishing and stuff. We’ll ride our horses out to the lakes or the quarry or out to the middle of nowhere and we’ll camp for a while. That’s where I lost my virginity, actually. It was to my friend’s older brother during one of our camp-outs. It was incredible. He was on top of me and we fucked underneath the stars. I didn’t cum then, but it felt absolutely amazing.”

Ride a Cowgirl Ride a Cowgirl

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Lil Gaper

You can tell this little chippy has never been fucked like this before. JMac sweeps Sammy off her feet and onto his cock (literally–at one point he’s holding her in the air while screwing her.) Sammy gets twisted into a few flexible positions and does the classic favorites like doggie, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Good thing she has a pretty asshole, because we are treated to multiple delectable views of it. Being so tight and little, she can’t take his cock all the way, but whenever she tries to you can see it on her face. Sammy gets fucked so hard that by the end her usually vice-tight pussy opens up as a mini gaper when JMac pulls his cock out. A fucking like this wouldn’t be complete without a creamy pop shot in her mouth which she blows messy bubbles with. Good job, Sammy.

Lil Gaper Lil Gaper

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A Big, New Find

Meet Addison Bound. A gorgeous redhead from California, Addison chose to make her debut, but we stole her set and figured you guys would love to see a girl new to the industry before she becomes a famous plus-sized model. A webcam model, Addison is very vocal, and that talent, her pretty face and heavy, 34HH-cups make for a very interactive experience. Prepare to fall in love and have a giant boner at the same time.

“I love glamour models and watching porn,” says Addison. I found the SCORELAND website while researching some of my favorite models.”

“My breasts really started to blossom into full E-cups and then eventually into HH-cups when I was 16 and a junior in high school,” Addison told us. “I was clearly the bustiest for my frame (5’3″).”

Now imagine looking down as your shoes are getting professionally buffed and shined and seeing the deep cleavage of the person doing the shining. It could have been Addison because she says her favorite job was being a shoeshine girl!

For now, Addison is flying solo. But perhaps if you’re persuasive enough and generous enough in your commentaries, Addison might decide to try a hot boy-girl shoot in the future. She looks like the kind of girl a guy can put his faith in.

A Big, New Find A Big, New Find

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Slutty Transformation

The more cock Sammy experiences, the sluttier she gets. Now that she’s gone for a couple of rounds in our studio, she’s learning tricks like how to slobber on a cock and spread her cheeks wide so you can see the full penetration. Sammy is obviously turned on in this set because we see her pussy cream all over our stud’s shaft. “How could I not be turned on with a big cock like that?” Sammy said. “And I’m feeling more comfortable in front of the camera, which makes it easier for me to cum. In this scene I came twice!”

Slutty Transformation Slutty Transformation

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Phoebe’s Anal Encore

It’s encore time for Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and mom from Nashville, Tennessee, and what is she doing this time? Getting fucked in her ass! She was on our site back in 2012. She mentioned that she was a fan of anal, so we set her up with our sister site They provided the stud, she provided the asshole.

“I love anal!” Phoebe said. “It’s so nasty!”

And it is, especially considering that Phoebe is dressed for the occasion in very slutty lingerie (she starts out in crotchless panties that the guy doesn’t bother removing before fucking her pussy) and opens her mouth for cum from the cock that’s just been in her asshole.

“Crotchless panties are great because the guy can get to my pussy in a hurry,” Phoebe said.

Phoebe seems to be perpetually horny.

“Once I was in a store and saw a man in Army fatigues staring at me,” she said. “He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen on a man. It took my breath away. Aisle after aisle, I kept seeing him watching me. The sexual attraction was so hot! I could have fucked him on the spot, but his troop showed up and he had to go back to the base, and that was that. But I went home and took out my vibrator and fantasized about fucking him.”

One of Phoebe’s fantasies is to “screw my way out of a traffic ticket.”

Something tells us that if any of Nashville’s finest are reading this, Phoebe might get pulled over very soon.

Phoebe's Anal Encore Phoebe's Anal Encore

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Tinkle Twat

Charli, have you ever let a guy watch you pee?
“What? Oh my god, no! I think I would be way too embarrassed. It’s so strange that you asked me that though, because there have been guys who have asked if they could watch me pee. I thought they were just weird. Is that a thing? Do guys like to watch girls pee? I guess it makes sense now that I think about how eager they were to watch me pee. I mean, maybe I’d consider it if my boyfriend was really turned on by it.”

Lots of guys like to watch girls pee! Has anyone ever watched you change or have sex?
“I’ve changed in front of boyfriends. And well, one time I changed in front of the window while my neighbor was watching. I pretended to not know, but really I was turned on by the fact that he was spying on me. One of my boyfriend’s friends watched us have sex. To be honest, it was kind of my idea. A girlfriend of mine told me how she liked to have people watch her fuck, and I wanted to try it myself.”

So will you let someone watch you pee next time?
“I guess if they really want to! I have to admit that I kind of like peeing outdoors. It just feels so natural and free. I don’t think I would object too much if someone were in the bushes watching me while I went. I like to be watched while I do other things, so I guess having someone peek in on me while I pee isn’t really a big deal.”

Tinkle Twat Tinkle Twat

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Hong Kong Hussy

Occupation: Bartender at sushi place; Age: 41; Born: October 5; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 119; Pounds; Bras: 32DD; Panties: Almost never; Anal: I like it; BJs: Swallow if you’re yummy; Diddle: 3-4 times a week.

Toya was born in Hong Kong, but she’s living in Las Vegas now. You might think that’s a tough transition, but she let us know that there are similarities between the two places. “Las Vegas is known as Sin City, but it’s tame compared to some neighborhoods in Hong Kong. You have people there with billions of dollars and you have people with nothing. Sometimes men will rent out an entire club or restaurant or massage parlor for themselves just for fun. They’ll buy time with 20 women at once!”

“I love living in Las Vegas. It’s a dream come true. It’s a place where people lose their inhibitions. I went on a date to the movie theater once where I ended up fucking the guy in the back row. I also gave another guy a blowjob in a glass elevator overlooking a hotel lobby. People do things they wouldn’t normally do when they’re in Vegas. That’s probably why I’m able to have sex at least five or six times a week.”

Hong Kong Hussy Hong Kong Hussy

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She Loves Sailors!

Occupation: Go-go dancer; Lives: Groton, Connecticut; Age: 31; Born: Jan. 7; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 125 Lbs.; Bras: 34D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Deliciously good; BJs: Swallow.

“Groton is a big Navy town. The New London submarine base is there. It’s really convenient for me because I love fucking sailors. I’ve done so many of them that, whenever we go out, they introduce me to the younger guys as The Cougar. I’m not thrilled about that name because I’m only 31, but I like the sentiment. I am always on the hunt for hot dick. That’s why I called you guys. I really wanted to fuck on-camera, but I didn’t know who would shoot me. I’m not a pornstar or anything. I’m just a girl who wants a big dick to fuck me hard.”

“I don’t just like guys. I also really love hooking up with girls. Girl-on-girl porn is also the only kind I watch when I masturbate. I love picking up sexy girls when I’m out and having one of my hot boy-toys meet us back at my place. There’s nothing better than enjoying a guy and a girl at the same time. Threesomes are so wonderful because everybody gets a little bit of whatever they like!”

She Loves Sailors! She Loves Sailors!

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First Time Feeling

You always remember your first–especially when it’s on-camera!
Although we ran a hardcore layout of Alexis in the April ’13 issue, this was actually the first time she fucked on-camera. She was adorably nervous but made it through, and with such a huge cock, too! “When I saw his dick I totally freaked out,” she told us afterwards. “It was the biggest one I’d ever seen. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle it.” But she did!

Alexis went from tuggin’ to fuckin’!
“At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to do hardcore, so I agreed to just do that tug job with Juan. [Sidenote: See it in the Nov. '12 issue.] But I got really turned on from that and started to feel bold. I was like, okay, I can do this! After that, having sex on-camera seemed like it’d be fun. And it was the perfect opportunity to get my first facial. Once I got over my nerves I was able to really enjoy it.”

How did it feel to experience a cock that big for the first time?
“It was great. I wouldn’t consider myself a size queen, but after that I knew how awesome big cocks feel. He had to start off slow to get me used to it, but then once I was relaxed I was loving how much his cock stretched me out and reached deep inside me.”

First Time Feeling First Time Feeling

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Sofie’s Dirty Mouth

One thing is evident as soon as you start watching this video–Sofie has a dirty mouth. She spends the entire clip saying the filthiest, most incredibly sexy things. She also uses this video as an opportunity to invite members of Naughty Nation to come and fuck her in England.

What else does this video have? Let’s see… there are plenty of close-ups of her furry crotch. Oh yeah, she slams a butt-plug into her tight asshole and begs for a dick while she’s toying her holes. That’s right, Sofie DPs her holes on-camera.

This is one of those videos that will stick with you for years to cum. We guarantee it.

Sofie's Dirty Mouth Sofie's Dirty Mouth

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