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Party Girl Interview

Sometimes we just want to watch a beautiful amateur girl strip naked and finger-fuck herself. Other times, we want to talk to that girl and get to know her a little bit. Then we want her to strip and finger-fuck herself. That’s what happened with Amber Marie. She talks a little bit about what turns her on, what she likes to do on the weekends and how to get her in bed. Then she gets naked and shows us what positions make her cum.

Party Girl Interview Party Girl Interview

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Cum In The Sun

Charli starts off in a schoolgirl uniform–we know you guys like that. She’s locked out of her house and stuck on the porch, but that doesn’t stop her from lifting her skirt, unbuttoning her shirt and letting her hands wander her body. First she rubs her pussy through her white cotton panties–you can see the outline of her clam as she gets wetter and wetter. After stroking her pretty innie slit she’s had enough of her clothes and takes them all off. Now that she’s totally nude she can cum under the hot Miami sky.

Cum In The Sun Cum In The Sun

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Revenge Fuckin’

“I just broke up with my fucking dip-shit boyfriend, Josh. I decided that just once in my life I wanted to have a good lay,” Luna told us. “This guy definitely had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I never understood what the hype was around big dicks. Josh was only packing, like, four inches. Plus, he drank too much and would go soft right in the middle of fucking. He would blame me for it, too! Seriously, I hope all of his friends see my pictures and make fun of him for having absolutely zero game in the bedroom. I can’t believe I wasted four years of my life with him. Oh well, now I know what it’s like to be pleased by a well-hung man! So if you’re reading this, fuck you Josh!”

Revenge Fuckin' Revenge Fuckin'

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Afterschool Special

“Some girls might do their homework when they get home from school, but my favorite thing to do is get naked and masturbate! After being around all these hot guys all day I’m going to get home and stuff my fingers up my cunny! Plus, my parents don’t get home till later so I have plenty of time to walk around naked, which is like… my favorite thing. Sometimes I even play with myself or walk around naked with the windows open.”

Afterschool Special Afterschool Special

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Spicy Ginger

Hi, Nikki! Tell us about yourself.
“Well, I’m from Chicago, and I love my city! I’m a big basketball fan. Go Bulls! I’m too young to remember Michael Jordan playing, though, which is too bad because I still have his poster hanging in my room! My best date ever took place at a Bulls game. A couple of years ago this guy from school asked me out, and I was totally going to say no, but he had really good tickets. The team ended up having a really great night, so I let the guy have a really great night, too! I gave him a sloppy blow job in the car on the way home.”

Was that the beginning of a winning streak?
“You could say that! He had season tickets, so our romance lasted just as long. Don’t feel bad for him, though. I told him that he’d get some action every time he took me out. He was happy with the deal. Eventually he got a girlfriend and she started going with him to the games. I still miss those seats. I probably should have started fucking both of them! I love the way pussy tastes, so it would have been a lot of fun to hook up with both of them. I’ve never had a threeway, and I really want to.”

Anything else you want to try?
“Just the usual stuff. I’ve never been skydiving or scuba diving. I’ve also never had anal sex. I love being licked and fingered back there, but I’ve stopped every guy from going further. I think a girl with a strap-on would be gentler for my first time. I should try that!”

Spicy Ginger Spicy Ginger

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Making the case for MILFs

Why do we like MILFs so much? Well, it’s not just about age. When an older woman takes care of her body, it shows that she’s determined about being confident and sexy. When you combine that with all the sexy tips and tricks that she’s picked up throughout the years, she’ll be a powerhouse of unbridled sexual energy.

That, friends, is how Ginger Taylor stole our hearts. She’s an unabashed cock lover, determined to show young men that older women can give them everything they’ve ever wanted in a sexual partner. Just look at her heavy tits, begging to be squeezed and massaged. Check out how she plunges that pink vibrator deep into her aching, wet slit. Ginger puts on one hell of a showing every time we see her pics. Don’t you just love MILFs?

Making the case for MILFs Making the case for MILFs

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Private Dancer

Do you ever wish you could have a sexy 21-year-old, wriggling on your lap and grinding on your boner, wanting nothing more than to give you one hell of a show? Of course you have. We all have. That’s why we love Missie. She’s mysterious. She doesn’t say a word in this video. First, she’s jamming out to her tunes, but when she notices that you’re in the room and want to see her naked, she doesn’t hesitate before gyrating her hips to the rhythm, swiveling and slowly stripping off her top. It doesn’t stop until she’s plunging her fingers into her pussy and rubbing herself to an intense orgasm just to make you happy.

Private Dancer Private Dancer

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Missie’s Dreams

Guys, this is Missie. She’s an adorable teen from the city of smoke, London, England. We responded to her submission with a few questions. She said her favorite hobby is travelling, something she does a lot in the summers. “I’ve always been adventurous,” she told us. “Ever since I was a little girl I would prefer being on holiday with my family to being home. My goal is to travel through America. I would love to see New York and Los Angeles. Maybe a road trip would be fun. I love those pornos that start out with a girl hitchhiking and ends with a blowjob scene in the car. Hopefully that will be me some day!”

Missie's Dreams Missie's Dreams

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Helping Her Boyfriend

Nikki is so nice. Sure, she’s hot and her 21-year-old body is lithe and fuckable, but she’s so devoted to her boyfriend, you’ve got to respect that the most. For instance, her guy is thinking about becoming a videographer, so she strips on-camera to help him practice his shots. What a girl. She doesn’t hold anything back, stripping off her shirt, bra, panties and fingering her juicy wet pussy until the sounds of her gushing slit are drowning out the microphone. He’s going to need more practice if he wants a career behind the camera. She, on the other hand, is perfect and doesn’t need any more practice at what she does.

Helping Her Boyfriend Helping Her Boyfriend

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Asian Bush

Hot teens know no bounds.

At 18eighteen we like to provide our readers with the hottest, freshest teens the world over. That’s why we’ve tracked down Mari–a beautiful, young Japanese girl with a flat chest, supple skin and a luxuriously furry twat. She doesn’t speak the best English, so we brought in a translator who helped us speak with this delightful Asian treat.

There’s always a first time.

“I was very nervous about taking naked photos. It’s not acceptable where I’m from. My family doesn’t know I’m here, but a few of my friends do. All of my girlfriends are jealous of me having the opportunity to travel and have new experiences. I think it’s great that men want to see my body and can appreciate it like this. After the photo shoot I was very aroused by the idea of men seeing me naked. I had to touch myself.”

Japan, here we come!

“There aren’t too many boys interested in sex where I’m from, and those who are interested are not very strong. My friends and I all enjoy strong and outgoing men. That’s why I don’t have much experience with sex. I used to kiss the boy I walked home with every day from school. Once he asked me to kiss his erection, which I enjoyed a lot. He kissed me on the clitoris, too. It felt like waves crashing down on me. I liked when he had an orgasm in my mouth. It tasted so good.”

Asian Bush Asian Bush

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