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Dirty laundry

We don’t get turned on doing chores around the house. In fact, we don’t know anybody who enjoys washing the dishes or throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine. Apparently it works for Layla, one of our favorite Asian teens. She’s seen here collecting dirty clothes, and things only get dirtier from there. Her perfect, little boobs are perky and her firm, young butt is delicious looking.

We don’t understand her fascination with doing the laundry, but if she wants to come over to our houses and help with the cleaning, we’re sure we could find a load or two to give her!

Dirty laundry Dirty laundry

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Natural Beauty

You look like such a nice girl. We were very surprised to see your nipple piercings.
“Why can’t a nice girl have nipple piercings? It’s fun! But I guess I got them because I do have a little bit of a wild side. I don’t have any other tattoos or piercings…just my nipples! My boobs are kinda big so I like the way it looks. And it feels good when I play with them or when a guy sucks on my nipples. Maybe one day I’ll take the piercings out, but I’m enjoying them right now.”

You’re a natural beauty. We noticed you don’t wear any makeup.
“Nope. I don’t wear makeup, except for special occasions, and I don’t dye my hair. I just don’t feel like I need to wear makeup. My skin is pretty good, and I think I look better without it. I never have to worry about a guy seeing me without makeup the next morning and not liking the way I look. The only thing I wear on my face is cum…sometimes. [Laughs] Those are the kind of facials I’m used to getting. Maybe that’s why my skin is so good! Either way, I enjoy a nice load on my mouth and chin.”

You have a pretty pussy. Do guys ever tell you that?
“I’ve heard that it’s pretty. Sometimes I look at it in the mirror, and yeah, I have to agree that it looks nice. I like my little, tiny lips. I’ve also been told that it tastes good. From what I’ve noticed the taste changes depending on how horny I am. Like when a guy starts fingering me and I suck his fingers it tastes tangy. But then once I’ve cum, maybe from oral or something, it tastes sweet. Guys have told me this, and I’ve tasted myself on their lips before. It’d be kind of cool if I could eat my own pussy.”

Natural Beauty Natural Beauty

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Kylie’s New Bush

What’s better than an adorable British girl with a charming smile? How about an adorable British girl with a charming smile, a huge bush and a spread pussy? That’s Kylie, our Bush Baby this month. She’s wearing cute, pink lingerie before stripping down to show off her nubile body and crotch full of pubes. She eventually fingers herself to orgasm, but she doesn’t rush it. That’s why we love her, and we’re sure you guys are going to as well.

Kylie's New Bush Kylie's New Bush

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A Hot Piss & A Hot Threeway

This video is a special one for us. First of all, we have tender teen Jennifer who is an 18eighteen favorite. Second, we hooked her up with slutty MILF Sasha Sean for a hot and horny three-way. But before any of that happens, Jennifer gives you a glimpse of her glorious stream as she pees in her tutor’s backyard. Yeah, we know–finally, a pee video! After the tinkle, Jennifer gets a spanking from a pissed off Sasha. And of course this leads to Jennifer getting her pussy ravaged by the MILF and her big-cocked stud. Jennifer rides his cock while Sasha licks his balls. Then Sasha gets fucked from behind as she makes out with Jennifer. JMac sprays Sasha’s ass and Jennifer eagerly slurps his cum from between the MILF’s cheeks.

A Hot Piss & A Hot Threeway A Hot Piss & A Hot Threeway

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Workin’ one out

Lives: Akron, Ohio; Occupation: Waitress; Age: 19; Born: August 10; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 135 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Boyshorts; Anal: Bring it! BJs: Love to swallow; Diddle: Not much.

Abby is back for a little workout. She did us the honor of fucking some hung studs on-camera a while back and she couldn’t get enough of the attention. We’ve heard that posing and stripping can be addictive, and we guess that Abby got hooked. Check out her hot, teenage body and the way she fingers her own asshole. Now that’s one way to work up a sweat!

Workin' one out Workin' one out

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MILF & Teen Share A Huge Cock

It’s time for sex tutor Sasha Sean to turn out yet another inexperienced teen. This time around, Sasha is sharing a big cock with tenderoni Jennifer Matthews. The MILF shows Jennifer how to suck cock, pushing Jenn’s head down on JMac’s massive prick until she chokes. Then the two elders cradle the teen in their arms as JMac plows her pussy. Sasha and Jennifer take turns riding cock and licking pussy, and in the end JMac blows his load all over Sasha’s crack. Jennifer laps up his jizz out of Sasha’s pussy and ass and the two sluts share a salty, gooey kiss.

MILF & Teen Share A Huge Cock MILF & Teen Share A Huge Cock

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Coy Cutie

You make very sexy faces. Do you ever get called a flirt or a tease?
“Sometimes, but not often. Sometimes men think I am giving them some kind of signal, but this is just my face! I guess I have a way of looking at people that is kind of sexy and flirty. That’s because sex is almost always on my mind. But it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to fuck them. And even if I want to fuck, I’m a little submissive when it comes to making a move on a guy.”

So you prefer the guys to make the move on you?
“I think all girls do. Even if a girl is confident and aggressive, it still feels good for a guy to show you how much he wants you. Girls like to be chased and shown attention. It’s the way we are built. If there is sexual tension between a guy and I, I would feel that he was less manly if he did not make a move. Although I have made the first move on a guy before. I was super horny, and I just couldn’t wait any longer for cock.”

How do you let a guy know you want him?
“I try to give him a look that says, ‘I want to fuck you.’ I try to say it with my eyes. I try to be physically close to him. I will touch him, or let him touch me. It’s all in the body language. I’ll be open and hope he gets the hint to grab me and fuck me!”

Coy Cutie Coy Cutie

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An ad, a MILF, a teen and a threesome

Georgette’s cute southern-peach accent is adorable. It’s probably not as adorable as the cute, little teen who answered Georgette and her husband’s advertisement looking for a housekeeper. Sophia’s adorable and kind of slutty. As Georgette’s hubby leaves the room, Sophia eye-fucks the shit out of him. Then she eye-fucks Georgette. Then she makes out with Georgette. Then she actually fucks both of them. Despite the fact that Georgette is almost three times Sophia’s age, the pretty teen holds her own in the little fuckfest taking place in the living room. There’s plenty of pussy and asshole licking, finger fucking, screwing and ball slobbering going on. To finish their little soiree Sophia jerks hubby’s cock all over Georgette’s face then aims his dick at Georgette’s pussy.

Needless to say, Sophia’s got the housekeeping job. Also needless to say, that dude is one lucky son of a bitch.

An ad, a MILF, a teen and a threesome An ad, a MILF, a teen and a threesome

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Spicy Gal

Mandy is serious about her studies. Of course, her favorite subjects are anatomy and sex education. She’s eager to learn, and plays with herself often because she’s a hands-on learner.

“I masturbate pretty often,” Mandy told us. “At least once per day but usually more than that. You could say I have a problem.”

Frequent masturbation is encouraged at Naughty Mag, so there’s nothing to worry about here. And neither is playing with your boobs and cute little nips. Doing those things makes you a welcome resident in our neighborhood.

Spicy Gal Spicy Gal

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Perfect Girl

Kate England is darn near perfect. She has blonde hair and a short, cute cut, blue eyes, nice small boobs and puffy nipples made for nibbling. Kate and her boyfriend are having an intimate night at home, and it couldn’t be hotter.

“I like when guys explore my body,” Kate told us. “Such on my tits and nibble on my nipples. Bite me on my hips and, of course, eat my pussy. Have fun with me.”

Kate has her way with her boyfriend’s body, too–his throbbing, hard tool in particular. She sucks it with vigor and rides him with authority. This cock belongs to Kate, and she knows what to do with it.

Perfect Girl Perfect Girl

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